I'm Back from Vacation!

I had planned on posting earlier and had lots of ideas but my camera is being used by my sister so I can't upload all of the pictures from my vacation or take pictures of what I got from my trip quite yet.

I did have an amazing time in England with my brother and France with the rest of my family. Most of my family members live in France and I haven't seen them in YEARS so it was great to spend over a week there.

Until I have something more substantial to post about, here's a photo of me at Stonehenge!



  1. Wow, all your fam lives in France? So awesome! England is a country I desperately want to visit someday! :)

  2. Yep, all of my dad's family lives there and most of my mom's! England is a very cool place but unfortunately very expensive. I didn't drink coke in England because of how expensive it was (but that didn't prevent me from spending lots of money on food)

  3. Thank you! I just wanted to say that I hope your dog is better! I read all your entries but was very lazy about posting comments on them


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