Haircut, Meg's Makeup and Vacation post

First off, new haircut :D

new haircut

Secondly, wooo I'm off for London tomorrow. Brb in three weeks.

Lastly I just wanted to talk about my Meg's Makeup package that came today. I think that because I was so spoiled in my first Meg's Makeup package (blog post about it here!) I had high expectations for this one. I will admit that when I opened it up I thought "That's it?" I definitely know I should be grateful for ANYTHING I get from the lovely people at Meg's Makeup but I can't help but feel a little deflated when compared to my first Meg's Makeup package.

I did read that they've been rushing to get packages out because I noticed that most people usually get a little thank you note with their packages but I didn't get one this time around. Not a big deal for me at all but a detail I noticed.

haircut and meg's makeup 003
Once I get back from London I'll test out the ELF kit but I'm kind of just not really a fan of these sort of sets.


  1. aww thank you! My hair has been long for way too long and I think it looks better short on me

  2. Love the new hair cut! Very cute!  Have fun in London! That should be a great trip! 

  3.  the new haircut looks so lovely on you!

  4.  The haircut looks super cute! :D have fun on your trip and hope you shop a LOT! ;)

  5. Your haircut suits your face well. I have a 24/7 liner in Bourbon it looks similar but not the same as the midnight cowboy. Ive reigsterd for Meg's makeup and I need to get going on it, but I've been so lazy. :( BTW have a good trip, take oodles of pictures plz 

  6. I like your new haircut =)
    have lots of fun in London!


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