Real Techniques Panoramic Brush Case Dupe

I've been searching for a brush holder for some time now. I've been keeping all of my brushes in a cup and it was always very cluttery. I greatly admired the Pixiwoo Real Techniques Panoramic case that came with some of their brush sets because it seemed not only cute but rather innovative.

After research, it turns out that the Panoramic case is nothing more than an artist's brush easel!

There are other brush easels in smaller sizes than this, I personally got a huge one. If you google "brush easel" you can find much smaller ones. My intent is to show that there are alternatives to the Real Techniques Panoramic case and I think this is pretty spot-on!

This is the brush easel that I got off of Amazon and it's by Prestige. I paid $14.73. Many other places sell it online but with Amazon Prime (I love you Amazon Student status :D) it was cheaper to get it from Amazon.

This holds 48 pencils or brushes and it's got elastic pockets to slide them in and to keep them secure. I haven't had any issues with it wobbling or anything like that. The velcro strap keeps it shut if I do want to travel with it.

brush case 012

Here's a better photo!

brush case 014

As you can see, you fold the case in half and pull on the drawstring cord to adjust the angle.

The brush easel is huge, 15' by 17 3/4'. I can fit the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils into the pockets and they're about 1/2' wide. The pockets are a little snug but if you lose the cap of a pencil in the pockets they're easy to squish out. You can't fit any face brushes because the handle is usually too thick.

It folds down but the size it folds down to depends on whether you put brushes or pencils on both layers. If you only fill the bottom layer and they don't extend past the middle fold, then you can get fold down to 8' x 9'. If you store brushes or pencils on both layers then it folds down to 7' by 17 3/4's.

I got this to not only organize my brushes but to keep them in sight. I tended to forget about the brushes I had because I could never see each of them individually when they were in the cup. I imagine this won't be handy for a professional makeup artists because of its size. Brush rolls would be so much more convenient.

Personally, I absolutely love the case. I like being able to see every brush and it fits on the little drawer set next to my desk. I can organize the brushes based on the type and I can also organize my pencils.


I don't own anything by Real Techniques so it's a little difficult to compare the two. As far as I can tell, RT has an elastic band to hold the brushes as opposed to the elastic pocket that this specific brush easel has. Other styles of brush easels have the elastic band and can hold face brushes like this style.

How do you store your brushes?


  1. interesting. I have not seen anything like this yet. A brush easel..and for so cheap. I wonder if you can hang it like on a wall.

  2. Keeping this in mind! Thanks for sharing :D

  3. This definitely looks better and more convenient than a cup! I must go look for it :)

  4. I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to sew on like a suction cup to attach it to a wall!

  5. Hopefully you can find it in your local craft store, I tried looking and it wasn't much of a success

  6. @maimaimaiii awesome brush holder! i put mine all in a tin lol


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