Ecotools Brush Collection

My new obsession seems to be with brushes and since I had an Amazon gift card I decided to round out my Ecotools collection with the Eye Brush set. This is the third set of Ecotools brushes that I own and I'm starting to wonder if this is a bit much.

Ecotools Eye brush set

Ecotools Eye brush set

I just got it today but I'm rather eager to try them out. What I probably like the most about the Ecotools sets is the fact that I can fit all of them into one brush roll. It's kind of awesome how many brushes fit.

Ecotools brushes

From left to right, the Eye brush set, the Minerals brush set, and the 6 piece brush set. On days that I wear makeup I like to do it at school so carrying the brushes like this is extremely handy.

*Edit* Oops forgot to add in a picture of my retractable kabuki but pretend it's there!

Ecotools brush set


  1. Heard a lot of good things 'bout these, they look gorgeous :D

  2. They're excellent and pretty decently priced! It's also nice because they're synthetic and vegan (as far as I know!)

  3. Believe it or not I don't own any Eco tools brushes. :( Your set looks very precious, kinda like you've been collecting them. Out of the ones you have, which would you say is a must have?

  4. I would say the 6 piece brush set. It's worth it for the eyeliner brush alone. If you do get them though, find the newer versions of the sets with what looks like a tie in the front. The new ones have actual pockets for the brushes versus the elastics with the old version.

    I don't really like the eye brush included in the minerals set and the baby kabuki in it is just okay. As far as the eye brush set I'm still trying them out but I already know I like the 6 piece brush set the most.


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