My Thoughts on the NYX Sale

I imagine that you're going to be reading through tons of opinion posts on the sale but I just thought that I'd contribute mine.

It honestly was nothing short of a disaster. I spent ages on the site and while I was able to get items in the cart I was unable to enter my credit card for payment.

Am I disappointed? Hell yeah I am. As much as they're trying make up for the sale by offering a coupon code for 50% off it's not even close to the advertised sale. This was just like the Sleek MakeUP sale that ended up in disaster and missing orders and charged cards with no order etc etc.

I honestly do think that they should extend the sale to allow for us to be able to purchase the items at advertised price. I couldn't help but think about how Zappos when it comes to prices and honoring them. Last year, they had a pricing error that made nearly everything $49.95 on the site.

6 hours later they had a lot of approximately $1.6 MILLION dollars.

Guess what they did.

They ate the loss. They said that they would honor the purchases and asked their customers NOT to cancel their orders. You can read about it here. That's a true sign of good customer service and NYX should take a note of it. I imagine their "loss" from the sale would have been that much or more.

I'm rather astonished how violent some of the people are on facebook. At the end of it it's easy to forget that there are people behind the scenes working and that being rude will get you nowhere.
That being said I don't agree that this was a PR attempt by NYX. It doesn't make any sense to advertise for a sale with no plans to deliver if it means that you'll piss off your fan base.

Here's hoping that they'll honor their commitments and make it so we're able to take part in the sale that they advertised.


  1. I myself did not even bother with it due to the fact of what happened with Sleeks sale.  I couldnt not order a freaking thing.  I was no their fan page and people were just saying horrible things and I personally don't agree with how they were acting.  I'm sure NYX did not know what they were getting themselves into and well they messed up plain and simple but I don't care to get something for $1.20 when I can go to other websiteds that offer NYX products at a cheap price.  I"m sorry that your upset but thats why I dont even bother with HUGE sales.  I hope you get your %50 discount code as promised.  Some people are saying its a scam, but I would love if you would do a follow-up post to see if you really got your code =)

  2. I think I'm more disappointed than upset really. I know I'm way more relaxed about it than the other consumers I've seen on facebook! I truly don't think this was a scam and I'm honestly doubting that legal action will go anywhere with this


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