Sweetening the Pot, or My Giveaway Rather

So I'm changing the rules of my giveaway a tad bit and adding in a prize that I think you guys will like. I originally had it as US only because I was iffy on shipping a liquid, but I've decided to make it International and to have the Bioderma Crealine as a second place prize for someone from the US if the first place winner does happen to be from outside the US.

Most of my past giveaways have been International and I think it's something I should stick to. You guys international to the US deserve some English love too! The giveaway page here has been updated with the new rules. With regards to adding in something, does this look familiar?

Sleek Original Palette

Yeah I'm adding in the Sleek Original palette as a prize.

I kept looking at the eye shadows and I came to the realization that you guys deserve it instead. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. For me blogging has very much become an artistic journey from learning how to write to learning how to take good pictures for color accuracy. I try to do it for you guys so thank you for reading!

The giveaway will be extended another week so you guys have until July 16th to enter!


  1. NO you DIDN"T?! YES YOU DID....  :D    YOU ARE TOO KIND.  I'm glad that we are subbed to each other. :)

  2. This was very sweet and thoughtful of you.

  3. MAI!!!!!!!! It's been so long~ hope you've been well. :]
    Loving the sound of this giveaway you're having. Def. will be checking it out! That Sleek palette is soo pretty. 

  4. Thank u so much.. U r a sweetheart<3

  5. I'd loooove the sleek palette!!!!


  6. Oh cool!  I'm gonna enter your giveaway.  =)  I found your blog on beautylish in the "bloggers in so-cal" thread.  I'm glad to meet a fellow so-cal beauty.  =)  Now following.  Hope you follow back.



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