Rag Dolls Beauty Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

These were in the set of eyeshadows that I got as a gift from Kimmie Karma Love. I've been in a swatching mood lately (because they're easy to do and my Ottlite facilitates it) and I had been putting off swatching these so I gave them a try!

I got three colors: Once You Go Black, Unda Da Sea, and Salmon-Nilla. The names are punny but I don't think they're really creative and some are a little brash.

The eyeshadows do come with a sifter, but my jars didn't have any (like I said, Kimmie had them first!). There's no product amount listed in the specific listing (which is my biggest pet peeve) but I did see amount sizes listed in newer listings (apparently these have about 1 teaspoon of product?) These retail for $5.95.

Once You Go Black, Unda Da Sea, and Salmon-Nilla. I swatched these over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer and these pictures were taken under my Ottlite.


A slightly blurry picture to show off the pink in Salmon-Nilla and Unda Da Sea


Once You Go Black: "a black, loose mineral eyechadow with tons of hologram glitter" I can sometimes forgive spelling errors but it's not hologram glitter, it's holographic glitter, the two terms aren't interchangeable. It looks really black on the swatch but it sheers out into a dark grey when on your eyes and the holographic glitter doesn't stick.

Salmon-Nilla: "a pale, salmon colored mineral eyeshadow with slight shimmer. Dual purpose, can also be used as a blush" Eh, was patchy on my lids but there was a pretty pink sheen to it.

Unda Da Sea: "a high shimmer, teal blue, loose mineral eyeshadow" This was the color I was most looking forward to of the three and I was so disappointed. So sheer on.

The eyeshadows themselves felt really silky and soft in the pot, but they just had no adhesion when applied to my lids. The eyeshadows also vary greatly in ingredients. Once You Go Black seemed to be just mica with glitter and I have to nitpick because the ingredients list for Once You Go Black has "Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Cosmetic Glitter". Saying Cosmetic Glitter doesn't mean anything since it's NOT an ingredient, the glitter is made up of actual ingredients like Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), it's not just "Cosmetic Glitter"

Salmon-Nilla does have a slew of base powders added but Unda Da Sea doesn't really look like it has any.

Needless to say, I don't like the eyeshadows. I tested them doing finger swiped swatches, brush swatches along with packing them to my eyes and they did not fare well at all.

Disclaimer: I received these eyeshadows as a gift from a fellow blogger. All opinions are my own and aren't affected by the fact that I got these as a gift!


  1. Salmon-Nilla is a lovely colour, shame about the application issues. Not sure about the 'Once you go black' name either?

    *googles Ottlite*

  2. These colors look so pretty in the jars. Too bad they didn't swatch well :( I haven't heard of Rag Dolls Beauty before... probably won't be checking them out either. Thanks for the swatches and your thoughts!

  3. I don't see any hologram glitter?!? Hahaha okay I shouldn't laugh because I make mistakes like that all the time, thinking one word but typing another....but if you are selling a product, come on now!

  4. Something I'm totally not interested in, the colours already look average in the jars, but even more meh swatched!


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