Sleek Original Eyeshadow Palette-Swatches and Review

This was one of the items that I got in my awesome love package from Mara! While I do love both the Sleek Palettes I have, I know that sometimes their Customer Service can be a little iffy. If you can, find someone you know in the UK to ship these palettes to you.

I had actually gotten the Original palette before on my vacation to the UK but I ended up giving it away in a blog giveaway so I'm glad to have it now, for reals this time.

Compared to my Sleek Storm palette, it feels much more cool toned and there are more brights.

Everything was swatched under an Ottlite over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer.

Sleek Original Palette

Top Row

Upper Half of Sleek Original Palette
Upper Half of Sleek Original Palette

Far left: Oh the ubiquitous matte black eyeshadow that used to be included in all of the Sleek palettes. I'm glad that they've decided to stop including it in the newer palettes because there's only so many black eyeshadows I can own.

Second from the left: My camera eats purples, this is slightly more blue toned and violet. One of my favorites in the palette though.

Third from the left: This is a dark blackened navy blue, the blue tones do show up better in person.

Third from the right: A super bold bright blue. I liked the shade and how pigmented it was

Second from the right: This is one of my favorite colors in the palette, a bright blue-green turquoise shade. Oddly enough though, it was a little difficult to pick up with an eyeshadow brush but it applied fine on the eyes. It almost felt really sticky in the pan but wasn't like that on the eyes.

Far right: A pretty light spring green, no complaints on the color or pigmentation here!

Bottom Row

Lower Half of Sleek Original Palette
Lower Half of Sleek Original Palette

Far left: This is a slightly banana colored yellow. Super flaky though which was really disappointing.

Second from the left: This is a light barbie pink with a gold sheen. I'm really glad they included this color in, even though I'm not sure if I'd wear it

Third from the left: This is a golden peachy pink, not too cool toned, not too warm toned.

Third from the right: An utterly gorgeous orangey copper color. Super metallic on!

Second from the right: A warm metallic bronze, also one of my favorites in the palette.

Far right: An antique looking olivey green color.

I really love the gold sheen in the pink eyeshadow second from the left, so here's a closeup picture to show how awesome it looks.

Closer look at Pink in Sleek Original Palette

I liked all of the colors in the palette with the exception of the light yellow in the bottom row because I felt it was a little flaky. If I could get ahold of their other palettes, I totally would!

Do you own a Sleek Palette? If so what's your favorite and if you don't, which one would you like to get?


  1. The Original edition was my first Sleek palette ever, perfectly shows the amazing pigmentation of Sleek stuff and the colours are so easy to pull off, too

  2. Such a great palette! All of the colors are so wearable! So nice of Mara to send this to you! And I do have a Sleek palette! I believe it is the Monaco one. It definitely has some fun colors in it!

  3. I've never touched this one so Im so glad you did a review/swatch fest on it. Hooray for amazing products from the UK. :)


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