MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC and MAC Vera Collections: Event Pictures & Swatches

I got an invite to the MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC (formerly Shop Shop Shop, Cook Cook Cook) event at my local Pro store so I went there lugging my camera to take some swatch pictures and to check out the Tendertones (I've been waiting years for their rerelease and have been spamming the world about my eagerness for them). They also had the Vera Collection available to check out. I got home from the event a few hours ago and wanted to get pictures up as soon as possible!

I took a few pictures of the outside of the store in addition to swatch pictures of Shop MAC, Cook MAC and Vera.

All the employees had cute aprons and big hair. I loved the mix of bright blues and pink plaid.


This picture is basically the same as the one above but I was just amused at how it looks like the security guard is giving me a look.


Here are a few of the decorations in front of the store. This is a small shopping cart with a bunch of themed boxes.


Here's a better view of the front and everyone inside getting a pep talk before the event


Another one of the cool decorations in front of the store. The gloves, sponges, and bags were actually given away to some people who got the invite in the mail.


Here's a closeup of the gifts being given away. I chose to get a tote bag instead of the sponges or the gloves. I will admit that I was hoping the giveaway item was going to be something makeup related. Although they do fit the theme, I didn't expect to be able to choose them so I defaulted and got the bag.


Now onto pictures of Shop MAC, Cook MAC products.

Here's the Shop MAC part


and here's the Cook MAC part


I didn't swatch everything but I swatched a lot of the collection!

Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow Quad: Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, and Brash


I apologize for the lighting change but the colors look fairly accurate (to me at least!)

Lipsticks: Innocence, Beware!, Naughty Saute, Runaway Red, Watch Me Simmer, Dish It Up, and Quick Sizzle


Cremeblend Blushes: Florida, Optimistic Orange, Restores Dazzle!



Added Goodness, Midnight Snack, and Wholesome


I also took product pictures of the fluidlines

Added Goodness


Midnight Snack


Wholesome (similar to Blacktrack but not as black)


and MAC Vera!


the Vera Plushglasses


The Crushed Metal Pigment stacks. I love the look of the middle one, it reminds me of a mermaid!


the Pearlmatte Face Powders: Flower Fantasy and Sunday Afternoon.


and I also swatched the Pearlglide eyeliners in the collection. I'm a little confused though since the official color story has seven Pearlglide eyeliners listed but I only saw six in the display and I only swatched the ones I saw.

Industrial, Petrol Blue, Designer Purple, Undercurrent, Black Line, and Lord It Up


I had a nice time at the event and it was my first time ever going to one. When I was swatching the tendertones on my lips (using clean disposable lip brushes), two of the customers there asked me questions on them and watched me try on Hot n Saucy, Tread Gently, and Purring. It was fun to say the least!


Oh I forgot to say that they had snacks and cocktails available. I didn't drink anything but I got this nice potato snack and they also had little pigs in a blanket!



  1. OMG! I totally forgot about the event! It was tonight at my MAC. Damn. Damn. Damn.

    Great pics!

  2. Did they have snacks, too?

    They never give stuff away at German events. You should've grabbed a few totes to sell them on eBay lol

    1. I added in a picture of what they were handing out :D

      haha I totally should have taken a few totes

  3. Yay! Thanks for the pics! I'm actually more excited about the Vera collection!

  4. Enabler! The cremeblends look lovely.

  5. This is so exciting! Is this the South Coast store? Ever since I moved to the East Coast I miss the events at South Coast...the MAC store near me is small so they never have any fun events.

    1. Yep it was at the South Coast store! I'm glad to have a MAC Pro store closeby

  6. Awesome! I love seeing posts like these ;D just coz i wont see this collection till next season.... Hehehe i love the middle metal pigment stack too! Such nice colours ^_____^

  7. Kind of excited. I love plushglasses. :D


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