Silk Naturals Eyeshadow and Cream Liner Swatches and Review

A little while ago, Kimmie from KimmieKarmaLove was kind enough to spend me a bunch of her eyeshadow jars whilst she was destashing so now I've got tons of product to swatch and review! In my mind, it was supposed to help tamp down my desire to do hauls but nope, it didn't.

I've tried Silk Naturals before, specifically their Mix Your Own Foundation kit and one of their Matte Blushes, but never their eyeshadows so I liked being able to try these out. Silk Naturals does not have eyeshadow samples which was something that did turn me off from buying because I'm always weird about buying full sizes upfront. I also didn't see any ingredient stickers on the jars, although they are available on the website!

However, they do compensate though for that by having excellent swatches on the site (the newer ones are of better quality) and by having a return policy for store credit. They've also got a points system, where every dollar spent is equal to one point and 100 points can be redeemed for a $5 gift certificate. More information on the points system can be found here!

Today I'm swatching some Silk Naturals Eyeshadows and one of their Cream Eye Liners. Eyeshadows first! The eyeshadows retail for $4 for 3/4 tsp in a 5 gram sifter jar.

From left to right, Gasp, Sailor, Seneca, Vandal, and Midnight Cream Eye Liner.


Swatches were done dry over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Eye Primer (with the exception of the two far left swatches) and this picture was taken in daylight.


Gasp Eye Color- This is described as a shape shifter highlight colors, almost white in the jar but has purple and blue highlights.


I really should have thought things out before I started swatching. I didn't think until after I had swatched everything that I wanted to see what Gasp looked like over a black base. Had I thought of it beforehand, Gasp over a black base (in this case e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black) would have been on the right side.

The purple sparkle is more subtle than the blue sparkle but it's definitely there! You'll get a nice sheer highlight with this shadow.


Sailor Eye Color- This is described as a navy blue liner color.


I'm not really sure why I bothered to thickly swatch it, it's meant to be a liner color after all. I swatched it dry, used an angle brush dry and finally used it wet. The color really intensifies when applied wet. This fits the name though, it's the perfect blue seen on sailor outfits!


Seneca Eye Color- Every week, Silk Naturals has a GWP eyeshadow for every order over $10. I believe this was one of the GWP shadows since I can't seem to find it on the site. I would say this is a dusky light green with gold and pink shimmer. This was excellently pigmented and applied very well!



Here's another angle to show off the gold/pink shimmer that comes through


Vandal Eye Color- This is described as a deep shimmery blue. I liked this shade too and I felt it applied best being patted on versus being swiped on. Super shimmery!



Midnight Cream Eye Liner. This is a deep, dark, shimmery blue eyeliner. The
Cream Eye Liners retail for $6.50 for a full 2 grams in a clamshell and $.50 for a sample on a cotton bud.


I have to say that I wasn't too fond of this but that's all due to personal preference. I'm the kind of person that prefers squishy and soft cream and gel liners and this was a little too stiff for me. I found the texture made it I'd have to work at coating my liner brush with enough product to line on. I can use it of course, it just wouldn't be my first choice for a liner.

I thought that maybe it might have been dried out a little but I saw in the listing that it should last for two years (this is about a year old) and that they don't dry out. This isn't for me but since this does come in sample size (a small amount of product on a cotton bud), it won't hurt you to try it out! I personally haven't seen many reviews on them but Swatch Storm has done one and she covers a lot of what I talked about and you can see how she feels about it.

I applied it heavily on the left and thinly on the right with an angle brush.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first endeavor with Silk Naturals eyeshadows and I'm rather interested in some of their other shades, especially their eyeshadow clones (which are supposed color dupes of more brand name eyeshadows).

Have you tried anything from Silk Naturals? What did you think of them?


  1. I really like Silk Naturals! The Amplifying Lip Glazes, cream blushes, mineral glows, conditioners, and eyeshadows are all great. There's a lot to choose from and I think trying an assortment of things is worth it! (Plus a lot of the non-eyeshadow things come in sample sizes.)

    Great swatches!

  2. Great swatches and review! SN does have a lot of great products. I guess they just aren't one of my "go-to" companies for some reason. But I do like all of their products I have tried!

  3. I love Silk Naturals! I think they are really the underdog of the Indie MMU world. They have a very professional looking sight. They don't have a crazy theme (cupcakes, caskets, zombies, etc) like other companies. Their shadows, while not providing samples, are very affordable and of great quality.

    I used to be indifferent to them because I bought a lot of neutrals when I wasn't in a neutral phase. Now that I am in a neutral phase I am loving them.

    They have great dupes - my favorite is the dupe for Orgasm. I got Sammi into that blush too. :>

    Sorry for the novel but yep, I certainly do love them and don't feel they get the attention they deserve.

  4. Such great swatches! your swatches always makes me want to buy the product (unless it's like shitty ones with no pigmentation XD)

    I've never tried it, though i think I might start trying them out soon :)

  5. Gorgeous! I want to try Silk Naturals but there are sooo many I want I can't decided!

  6. ahh the navy blues are friggin gorgeous! I love them! I've never heard of Silk Naturals before so yah...nice to see a new brand!

  7. What a score! All of these colours are awesome.

  8. Ooooh what nice blues! Blues are something that a lot of companies don't do right, haha. Great swatches!


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