MAC Pigment Collection Swatches

To borrow a line from Pink Sith, these are swatches of many pigments that you can't have. I thought I might swatch and post about the pigments I do have as a reference for myself and for anyone else who may deem it relevant. I've been in a huge swatching mode lately trying to swatch everything I own and I also included product photos for future reference.

These were all swatched over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer and the pictures were taken in daylight.

Azreal Blue, Blonde's Gold, and Blue (Rebel Rock version)

Azreal Blue, Blonde's Gold, Blue (Rebel Rock)


Azreal Blue (Frost): "Cool soft silver blue with silver pearlized pigments"

Blonde's Gold (Frost): "Light tan with gold and white pearlized pigments"

Blue (Frost): "Cobalt Blue"

Circa Plum, Coco, and Frozen White

Circa Plum, Coco, Frozen White


Circa Plum (Frost): "Frosty dirty mid-tone lavender"

Coco (Frost): "Neutral taupe with frost" One of my favorite eyeshadows, ever!!

Frozen White (Frost): "High-frosted white pigment with duochrome". Chunky chunky texture with this one.

Golden Olive, Goldenaire , and Helium

Golden Olive, Goldenaire, Helium


Golden Olive (Frost): "High frosted green/gold"

Goldenaire (Frost): "Pink with gold pearl"

Helium (Frost): "Light pink with red duochrome" You can tell this also have a really chunky texture, much like Frozen White.

Jardin Aires, Melon, and Platinum

Jardin Aires, Melon, Platinum


Jardin Aires (Frost): "Tan with gold pearlized pigments"
Melon (Frost): "Bright golden peach"
Platinum (Metal): "Smooth, high-shine platinum"

Provence, Silver, and Tea Time

Provence, Silver, Tea Time


Provence (Frost): "Light neutral with reflects"
Silver (Metal): "Smooth, high-shine silver" One of the best silver eyeshadows that I ever used (even if it technically wasn't eye-safe)
Tea Time (Pearl): "Bronzed brown with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments"

Teal, Violet, and Your Ladyship

Teal, Violet, Your Ladyship


Teal (Frost) "Medium blue/green with pearl"
Violet (Frost) "Violet with pink pearl"
Your Ladyship (Frost) "Creamy white with gold pearl"

I also did a couple of comparison swatches.

Goldenaire and Jardin Aires. I never thought the two were similar until I was taking swatch pictures. Turns out Jardin Aires is much less pink.

MAC Goldenaire and Jardin Aires


Platinum and Silver. Platinum on the left, Silver on the right. Platinum has this warmth to it that Silver doesn't have. It looks like Platinum has gold intermixed within it whereas Silver is just a straight up shiny metallic silver.

MAC Platinum and Silver Pigment


I hope this post has been helpful for anyone looking for pigment swatches and maybe it's made you a little envious of my pigment stash!


  1. LOL I love how you started this post...I have drooled over many a "____________ that you can't have" post that Pink Sith has written! Coco is gorgeous!

  2. I've been trying to get a sample of Coco for 3yrs now, if you're willing to sell a sample i'm willing to buy!


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