A New Year, An Improved Blog!

I hope you guys have had an amazing New Years Day! I spent New Years Eve eating a yummy dinner and staying inside for fear of driving on the streets with potential drunks.

Currently I have about three weeks of vacation before I have to go back to school and I'd like to use the time I have in between then to revamp the blog a little bit.

If you look in the sidebar, you'll notice something labeled "Directory" and links to different categories. I've decided to better organize the blog (copying my idea from the lovely Cait from Swatch Storm) to make it easier for you guys to look up my older swatches and reviews.

What I'm also going to be doing is redoing some of my old swatch posts since I've now sort of have got the hang of doing swatches. The first one I've redone is my Sleek Storm Palette Swatches and Review post that you can check out here and you can check the directory to see what other ones have been redone as I go through the list.

My New Years Resolution is to basically be a better blogger and blog reader. I've always been such a lurker and bad at replying back to comments (I do read all the ones you leave me!) and leaving comments but this year I'd like to be able to properly express how I feel about some of the amazing posts that I come across.

After school starts up, I probably won't be posting as frequently but I would like to post at least once a week. No promises though!


  1. All the best for the new year!

  2. Good luck! Can't wait for your revamped blog when it's finally finished ^^ enjoy the remainder of your holidays!

  3. Im hoping to do the same with my blogging/commenting!


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