Silk Naturals Eyeshadow Swatches and Short Review

Ever since my last Silk Naturals review, I've been making a few mock carts on the site because I've wanted to basically get everything. My friend Judi further enabled me by sending me a few samples of her eyeshadows so I have to thank her for enabling me.

I got samples of Boom, Chocolate Twinkle, Frills, and Thrills.


Swatches done over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Eye Primer and taken under an Ottlite


Boom: "Warm creamy oyster color with a shimmery pearl finish" This is their MAC Shroom clone but I don't own MAC Shroom so I can't attest how close or accurate it is. I do like this as a wash of color. I did use this shade as a highlight shade in a look that I'll post after this, but I think it's a little too shimmery for that.

Chocolate Twinkle: "Complex brown with shimmery plum and coppery bronze undertones" I don't see the plum undertones in this but I do see a bit of the bronze. There's such a gorgeous red sparkle to the eyeshadow. It turns out that this was my favorite of the bunch, although I loved the rest.

Frills: "Midtoned warm nude pink" Frills is so pretty, I originally didn't think much of the shade when I saw it, but it works nicely as a transition shade between other pinks or as a wash over your lids.

Thrills: "Satin finish nude brown with a hint of pinkie purple undertones" Judi originally asked me which eyeshadows of hers I wanted to sample and she was kind enough to include an extra one that she thought I would like. I'm pretty sure it was this one. I normally don't like plummy colors but damn it all this is awesome. This is my second favorite of the bunch.

I also took this picture to show off the gorgeous red sparkle in Chocolate Twinkle.


To sum these eyeshadows up, they're awesome, pigmented, apply well, etc. Everything you want in a good eyeshadow is here. Sigh, I think I'll need to get more. Thanks Judi :(

Anyway, I hope this swatch post has been helpful!


  1. Silk Naturals is my favorite indie company! Boom is on par to being the first mineral eyeshadow (fs) I actually finish!

  2. Muahahaha, I love being an enabler >:D

    I hope everything arrived okay; I tried to bundle it up as much as I could to prevent spillage. Also, I am *really* glad you like Thrills because it is the one I chose for you. I actually made that sample before the others because I thought it was very you. :)

  3. Haha, my Silk Naturals wishlist is huuuge. I know what you mean about wanting to get everything - they have so many options! The shades you swatched here are lovely neutrals. :)

  4. I love Silk Naturals especially for eyeshadows & blushes! I prefer neutral colors for my eyeshadows & SN does those very well, IMO.


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