MAC Tendertone in Sweet Tooth Swatch and Review

In the wake of the news that the MAC Shop Shop Shop/Cook Cook Cook will be rereleasing Tendertones and since I so greatly love the one I have, I thought I'd give my thoughts on the product in the hopes that MAC will not have changed the formula.

Tendertones are a moisturizing, sheer but thick, gel-like glossy lip balm that's strawberry-kiwi scented. They're not a product for you if you dislike potted balms or are looking for an ultra pigmented product. Because they're thick, they're a little on the sticky side but stay well on the lips. They had an SPF 12, but I'm not sure if that'll be the same with the repromotes.

Sweet Tooth is a sheer coral with white pearl and I'm hoping that it's one of the colors released again. It's already been determined that Hush Hush will be repromoted in the collection. I will admit that the main reason I love the product so much is its scent. If MAC made more products in the Strawberry-Kiwi scent, I'd definitely buy more.


Although they are sheer, I thought I'd just do a swatch of it anyway.

Bare Lips


Sweet Tooth Tendertone


Have you heard of MAC Tendertones before this? Am I the only person touting its reverence?


  1. Thanks for this post! I saw these were being re-released and wasn't familiar with them. They do interest me though!

  2. Although I love the idea, I'm not keen on the price for what it is. Perhaps if the new ones are more tinted. Thanks for the info, you have a new follower.

  3. Tendertones are ah-mazing and I am so excited they are coming back!! So you are definitely not alone!! I still have one from the first release and am to the bottom of the jar, I was beginning to panic!

    The price for this product is actually well worth it. Temdertones are meant to be sheer, moisturizing and they smell delicious. it's nice to have a product like this if you live in drier climates or prefer something more natural. I will be buying a stockpile when they are finally available!!


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