Aromaleigh V1 Pure Eyes Matte and Gothic Nightmare Eyeshadow Swatches

I just wanted to give a shoutout to Amanda over at Glitter and Bubbles! She and I are in the same makeup group (Never Too Much Sparkle! which was started by the lovely Makeup Zombie) and when I had lamented about not trying Aromaleigh earlier, Amanda generously offered to send me some of her extras from her Aromaleigh collection.

I received 10 eyeshadow bags in total, five Ooops! shades and five shades from the Pure Eyes Matte and Gothic Nightmare collection. From what I could tell, her Ooops! shades are just colors that weren't added to the Aromaleigh Core Line or her Collections but they're the same quality as the rest of the brand's eyeshadows. I decided not to swatch any of the Ooops! shades since they're not ones you can easily find or describe by color but you can actually still get the four Pure Eyes Matte shadows on the Aromaleigh website (and they're on sale too!)

From the Pure Eyes Matte Collection, I got Chocolat, Cornflower, Cupid, and Kiss. From the Gothic Lolita Collection, I got Plush Romantic. These were swatched over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer.


Chocolat: "A delicious, deep chocolate brown. Intense and dramatic" In the bag it looked really orange but it actually is a dark chocolate brown.

Cornflower: "Cornflower matte shadow makes blue eyes sparkle!" This is the perfect baby blue color.

Cupid: "The palest blush. Petal pink, with a delicate hint of mauve" On my skin, Cupid applies so lightly that it looks so white on my skin with the tiniest amount of pink.

Kiss: "Darker than our pale Cupid, this is a lovely pink with a hint of mauve" The description is dead on, it's a pink with a bit of mauve.

Plush Romantic: "Mysterious smudged indigo with brilliant bright sparks of blue. This beauty can't be captured by camera" This is a grey-blue eyeshadow with tons of blue shimmers. I personally thought this eyeshadow was a little sheer and needed lots of packing on.

Of the four Pure Eyes Matte, I found that Chocolat looked the best on but I think that's only because the other three are very light pastels which can sometimes look a little chalky. These weren't chalky though and applied very well, especially for loose mattes which I never usually go for. Some of the Pure Eyes Mattes do smell a little like baby powder but you can't detect that when you wear it!

Do you own any loose matte eyeshadows? Can you recommend a brand that does them well?


  1. That was so sweet of Amanda! Aren't there so many nice bloggers out there?!

  2. Ooh, such pretty colours. Enjoy! I hope we get to see some looks using these.


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