Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Swatches and Review

I'm not sure why it took me so long to properly swatch and review this palette when it's the standout 8 pan of the Wet n Wild permanent ones. I've been steering myself towards neutrals (with the exception of my Sugarpill Flamepoint, I don't think I can ever tire of a matte bright orange) and this is an excellent neutrals palette for anyone looking for one on the cheap.

I also put in MAC dupes that Temptalia found!


All were swatched over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer and taken under an Ottlite.

This is the left column from top to bottom.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Browbone: This is a pretty yellow beige eyeshadow. This is frosty though so I can't say that it's the best as a highlight. This is apparently close to MAC Ricepaper

Eyelid: This is a pretty peachy pink eyeshadow, also excellent and close to MAC Jest.

Crease: This is a darker golden brown and it's close to MAC Soba

Definer: Of the four eyeshadows, I'd have to say the bottom color (the blackened red) was the worst of the four because it's a little dry/hard and not much of the red shows through. This is close to MAC Smut.

This is the right column.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Browbone: I'm not good enough at describing colors but this is close to Urban Decay's Ruthless.

Eyelid: This is a spring green, close to MAC Juxt.

Crease:Much like the first column, the blackened olive is a little drier and harder than the other four.

Definer: This is the standout shade, a brown/blue duochrome. It's an amazing dupe for MAC Blue Brown pigment!

Here's it applied over black eyeliner so you can see how strong the duochrome is.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Blue Brown Dupe

Do you own any of the Wet n Wild 8 pans or trios?


  1. I have Blue Had Me At Hello but now I know I need this one as well :D

  2. I saw this on sale at CVS the other day when they were having a WnW 40% everything sale. I didn't get it though since I already have shades similar to this, but the definer on the 2nd row definitely reminds me of Urban Decay's Lounge, or Too Faced's Label Whore. & I absolutely love Label Whore! lol

  3. I have "Blue Had Me At Hello' I actually picked it up recently. But haven't used it yet. The blues in this palette are so pretty!

  4. I own a few but have yet to use them >< they're finally being sold (at outrageous prices & only online) here too! I think i own this palette as well (love my neutrals way too much)


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