Miscellaneous Linnaeus Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches

Judi of Judixo was kind enough to send me some eyeshadow samples, this time from Linnaeus Cosmetics and I'm almost sad she did because I have started wanting more from the brand! After using the Linnaeus eyeshadows, it makes me realize how much I enjoy eyeshadows mixed with carnauba wax. Carnauba wax add such a creaminess to the eyeshadows and I do really like the feel.

This is sort of a case of "Eyeshadows You Can't Have" (stealing the title from the lovely Pink Sith!) because the company is currently on a hiatus. They should be back though by June 2012 so I hope this swatch post entices you to wait patiently for their return!

Left to right: Hope, Kalahari, and Lanky.

Linnaeus Hope, Kalahari, and Lanky

Left to right: Puerile, Tough Stuff, and Twiggy

Linnaeus Puerile, Tough Stuff, and Twiggy

Do you share a fondness for Linnaeus Cosmetics? Am I the only one awaiting their return?


  1. Replies
    1. I know right? It's not fair because I *really* didn't need another indie shop to buy from!

  2. I'm totally waiting for it too, specially since received Judi's samples :o)

    1. Judi was so generous, I blame her for this.

  3. These are all so pretty! Maybe I'll have to check out Linnaeus when they reopen!

  4. Now, if I pressed these, I'd wear them everyday! xD


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