Swatches and Review of Three Meow Cosmetics Eyeshadow Collections

Today I have a few swatches from three different Meow Cosmetics eyeshadow collections. I'm not new to Meow Cosmetics as a brand (I've tried out their mineral foundation and loved it though I prefer liquid foundation now) but I am new to their eyeshadows.

What I really like about Meow Cosmetics eyeshadows is that they have a nice variety of eyeshadow finishes. Some have a sparkle to them, not just a shimmer, and I think that really adds a dimension to the eyeshadow. The eyeshadows applied well with great pigmentation and adhesion and they doesn't have that flyaway texture that some of the lesser quality eyeshadows have. The eyeshadows vary in price depending on the finish and the collection.

All eyeshadows swatched dry over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer and the photos were taken under an Ottlite bulb.

From the Egyptian Treasures Collection: Artifact, Obelisk, Royal, and Tutankhamun

This collection has beautiful burnished metallic eyeshadows and I love the finish and sheen off them. A full size jar is $8.00 for 1.6 grams and a sample bag has 1/16 tsp for $1.00.

Meow Cosmetics Artifact, Obelisk, Royal, and Tutankhamun

Artifact: "A strong metallic copper with black undertone" The copper is subtle on top of the black undertone so I didn't like this as much as the other eyeshadows.

Obelisk: "A metallic sage with taupe undertones and a subtle metallic gray duochrome sparkle" I originally wanted to call it olive-y but it's definitely a sage color. I didn't noticed the gray duochrome as much.

Royal: "An extravagant velvety metallic magenta with bright plum and mauve sheen." You can definitely see the plum/mauve sheen though I feel like the base is a little more grey.

Tutankhamun: "A metallic maroon" GET THIS. Can you see the amazing sheen to the eyeshadow? Please get this, I'll love you forever for it.

From the Shattered Equinox Collection: Bane and Melancholy.

This is a seasonal collection so if you like one of the colors, I would recommend getting it! The collection has shades of mauve, plum, and purples with pops of iridescence and highlights. The full size eyeshadow is $8.00 for 1.6 grams and a sample bag with 1/16 tsp for $1.00.

Meow Cosmetics Bane and Melancholy

Bane: "Intensely opaque, creamy metallic buffed silver with a soft buffed finish" This is a bright white-silver though I didn't think it was intensely opaque, it was a little sheerer.

Melancholy: "An understated quiet plum with golden sparkle and rosy sheen" This is spot on with the description, I see the plum and I also see the rosy sheen.

From the Wild Child Collection: GMTA and Sexting. A full size jar has 1 gram for $7.50 and a sample bag is $1.00

Meow Cosmetics GMTA and Sexting

GMTA: "A teal with green sparkle" I hope you can see the green sparkle in the picture. It's more of a bright blue than the dusky blue that it looks like on the site. It had more of a satin finish.

Sexting: "A bright saffron yellow with orange iridescence and sparkle" I know it's quite subtle in the picture but there really is an orange iridescence to the shadow. It also edges on gold.

Have you tried Meow Cosmetics before? I will say that compared to other indie brands, their eyeshadows are a little more costly (about $7-8 versus $5-6 at other places) but I have been impressed by the colors I've tried thus far, especially Tutankhamun. I am looking forward to trying more colors!


  1. OMG I LOVE Tutankhamun

    such beautiful swatches!!

  2. Um the Egyptian Collection = the best ... it's leaving me all starry eyed *-*

  3. The Egyptian collection is my fav! Fabulous. Im adding this to the list of must haves! Thanks.

  4. That green, that burgundy, that RED omg. What a shame I don't work with looses anymore.


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