Pink Blossom Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

A little while ago I was contacted by Lilly, owner of Pink Blossom Cosmetics and she asked me if I wanted to try out a few of the eyeshadows. I'd never heard of her company before so I was quite excited to try the company out and scope around her shop.

I was sent four full jars and a sample clamshell. The full size jars retail for $5.00 for 1-3 grams (my jars said 1.5 grams) and the sample clamshells retail for $1.00 for 1/8 tsp. All the jars and the clamshell were labeled with the name, ingredients and amount in the jars.

I should note that they only ship to the US, Canada, PO Boxes, APO, and US Territories. I do think it is kind of weird that they write no international shipping when Canada is international but maybe in the future the company will accept international orders!

From left to right: Ballet Slipper, Chocolate-tier, Shimmering Sapphire, Sultry Taupe, and White Chocolate


Just a note, the eyeshadows I got were from her initial batch and she's informed me that the formula has been changed since then and the second formula should be better. Of the five I got, I only thought one could have been improved. The eyeshadows didn't feel powdery but I do think they need a primer to adhere well.

Ballet Slipper: This was a color that I requested to try, purely because of the name. I don't see this on their Storenvy anymore. There is a swatch on it on the Pink Blossom Cosmetics Facebook but I do think it makes it look paler and more matte whereas this felt more like a peachy shimmery pink.

Chocolate-tier: "Shimmery brown with gold flecks" This was one of my favorites and the description is dead on with the color. It was one of the best colors in the set that I got. Applied well and wasn't too powdery or sheer.

Shimmering Sapphire: "A deep shimmery blue color" This was the color that I thought could have been improved. The official swatch picture makes it look like a very shimmery eyeshadow but on me, it applied more like a satin/matte with blue sparkle. It was a little powdery feeling and I'm hoping this has been improved.

Sultry Taupe: "A satin taupe color" This was my other favorite in the set. I even did a close up picture to show the awesome color. There's a slight pink shift that I saw and a gold sparkle to the eyeshadow. I even saw a bit of a green sheen to it too. Applied well too, like Chocolate-tier.

White Chocolate: This is a color that I think was on her Etsy but I don't see it on her Storeenvy. It's a basic shimmery white, not too opaque but not sheer either.

A close up of Sultry Taupe


As with all mineral eyeshadows, I do prefer patting the eyeshadow on versus sweeping it on.

Now my thoughts on the company. I would like them to shift away from the 88 palettes, NYX makeup and e.l.f. makeup that they sell on the site. I think that I could get all of this mainstream makeup elsewhere and I like to shop at Indies to get the cosmetics that they make.

A minor detail I noticed was that the stickers on the top of the lid had air bubbles. The tops of the jars are slightly rounded so I can see how it made it so they wouldn't lay flat. It doesn't affect the eyeshadows at all of course, but it's just part of the presentation that I noticed.


All in all, I think they're a good brand. I am interested in seeing how the eyeshadows have improved and I would like to see more unique colors. They do have a new collection out, with colors based on birthstones!

Have you tried Pink Blossom Cosmetics?

Disclaimer: I received these products for free for review. All opinions are my own and I wasn't compensated in any way.


  1. Chocolate-tier looks so pretty! I'd never heard of this brand before, thanks for reviewing, Mai! The birthstone collections sounds gorgeous.

  2. The colors look very pretty! Thanks for your honest thoughts and the swatches! I'll have to go browse their shop :)

  3. I came across them earlier. The eyeshadows drew me in but I found the NYX and 88 palettes retailing at the same place a bit odd. Too bad shipping to Canada (even if they do it) is expensive with even samples shipping for $6, or I'd want to try them.

    The birthstone collection and signature duo both look cute.

  4. Mai, I agree with you about them separating themselves from NYX, et al. When I shop indie, I don't like to see the company affiliating themselves with a mainstream brand.

  5. Iris, You can definitely still order samples to try if you're from Canada. I'll refund the price difference from the actual cost to ship to Canada. -Lilly


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