OCC January Rising Lip Tar: Swatch and Comparison

I Purchased This

OCC's January Rising was a special limited edition lip tar only available as a perk from a donation as part of an Indiegogo campaign by January Hunt to raise money for her gender confirmation surgeries. Only 1000 were made and I believe this color won't be sold in stores.

If you weren't able to donate to January's campaign, don't fret because it really isn't as unique to the other Lip Tars available in the line. January Rising was said to be a mix between Anime and Pretty Boy lip tar and while I don't own Anime, I do have Pretty Boy and was able to compare both. 

OCC January Rising

But first, here's a swatch of January Rising on its own. This swatch was taken in natural daylight and January Rising was applied using my finger.

OCC January Rising Lip Tar

Now January Rising vs Pretty Boy. In my humble opinion, it looks way more different in the swatches than it does when worn. Relative to Pretty Boy, January Rising is maybe a shade lighter and more neon.

Here is a hand swatch of January Rising and Pretty Boy, in natural daylight.

OCC January Rising vs Pretty Boy

And here's how it looks on my lips. My top lip is January Rising, my bottom lip Pretty Boy. Any real discernible differences you see on your computer screen are negated when seen in real life. Both colors are beautiful but you'd really be hardpressed to see the difference if both were worn (I nearly forgot which was which in the picture).

OCC January Rising vs Pretty Boy

The moral of the story is not to fret if you missed out on January Rising, Pretty Boy (and possibly Anime) will be close enough. I am glad they went this route, having a color that's relatively common because it means those who weren't able to donate won't have missed out on anything.


  1. Yeah it's not super unique (I think it's difficult to do super unique hot pinks you know) but we're one of the lucky 800+ people who got our hands on it and I always feel better knowing I'm somewhat unique over other plebs :P

  2. Even though I own Pretty Boy and Anime, I'm still really excited to get this colour. I'm a bit worried that I haven't received it yet but I'm giving it extra time since I'm in Canada. Thanks for the swatch post on it though, I've been dying to see it up close!!

  3. These look really pretty! I have never seen these lip tars before but now I think need to get some for myself!!

  4. You have such pretty lips! Thank you for the comparison!

  5. I love this shade on you!! I really need to try a Lip Tar!

  6. Hmm, this is both disappointing (as someone who donated) and comforting (because no one likes LE products). I don't regret donating, of course, as it was for a nice cause but it is a little disappointing it's not more unique. I'm still waiting on mine, though!


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