Project of the Week: Turning my Lip Tars into Lipsticks

Koren/Enkore Makeup is the truly the King of DIY Cosmetics. I've been rewatching his old videos nonstop since school ended and came across these two videos on how to turn your lip tars into lipsticks. One version uses a premixed lipstick base and the other uses a chapstick base. Inspired by this, I purchased a few chapstick tubes and samples of a lipstick base from TKB Trading (I did not use a chapstick base) and went to town on my January Rising and Radiate Lip Tars.

OCC January Rising and Radiate Lipsticks

I do think that once you've made them, you should wait a day for them to set firmly before using them. I made my January Rising lip tar yesterday but I thought they were too soft to use immediately, even after I put them in the freezer to harden up a bit; today though, they were firmer and easier to use.

For what it's worth, I think it will be easier to use a scale and candle method to melt the lipstick base, I found it a little fiddly to use a microwave since I had to be careful to ensure the lipstick base wouldn't boil. 

Just so you can see how the color didn't change, here are swatches I did of the lipsticks.

January Rising

OCC January Rising Lip Tar in lipstick form


OCC Radiate Lip Tar in lipstick form

I hope you found this post useful! I think this is such an easy way to make your lip tars more travel friendly.


  1. This is a great idea!! Those colors look so good on you!

  2. Mai this is wonderful! Now, if only I hadn't sold my only lip tar because I didn't like how it wore on me...

  3. Looks awesome! I need to do this- I've always wanted to make lipstick anyway!

  4. i think i have to do this, because all of my liptars end up exploding everywhere in my makeup bag :( T__T i've gone through like 3 animes

  5. How is the wear with these? Your pencil FAQ said wear time was the same or improved--does that hold true for the lipstick version as well? Dying to know! :)

  6. Bridgettes MakeupObsessionJune 1, 2018 at 4:09 PM

    How awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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