Silk Naturals Summer 2013 Collection: Lippiepalooza and Preview Swatches

Silk Naturals has just released their new Summer 2013 Collection consisting of twenty (!) new lip products, eight in a new vegan lipstick formula that's been formulated to have a longer shelf life and staying power and twelve in the Slick Stick formula (similar to their Amplifying Lip Glaze formula but without the mint and plumping ingredient). They've also added a new color to the Chromatic Cream Eye Colors (I reviewed one of the colors, Gotham, in this post), and also several skincare and gadgetry items.

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The new lip products. The first eight are the vegan lipsticks in the new formula, the last twelve are the Slick Sticks. The new vegan lipsticks retail for $4.75 currently and the Slick Sticks retail for $4.50.

Silk Naturals Summer 2013
Here are swatches of the eight vegan lipsticks.


The new Chromatic Cream Eye Color in Marvel. This is actually the Chromatic Cream Eye Color version of their popular eyeshadow, Doubloons!

Silk Naturals Summer 2013
and here's a comparison of Marvel against the other Chromatic Cream Eye Colors.

The new skincare and general gadgetry items. The blackhead remover is $2.25, the epistick hair remover is $1.25, the Konjac sponge is $5.99 (I have one myself though not from Silk Naturals and I quite like it), the Magic Hair Bun Maker is $.99, the Japanese Style Scrubby Towel is $4.99, and the Strap Perfect Bra Strap Holders for four for $.99.

Silk Naturals Summer 2013
I've yet to try the new Slick Stick formula so I'm rather tempted to purchase one to give it a go. I'm also very tempted to try the new Chromatic Cream Eye Color because I've seen swatches of the eyeshadow it's based on and it looks very beautiful.

Are you thinking of getting anything from Silk Naturals' Summer 2013 line?


  1. The lippis are beautifuuuuuuuuuul XD

  2. Waaaaaaaah, look at Grand Central! Holy gold, Batman!


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