OCC Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set v1.0 Swatches and Review

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In an effort to continue my latest endeavor of turning lip tars into lipstick pencils, I bought both the OCC Pro's Picks Lip Tar Sets in v1.0 and 2.0 (all due to Sephora gift cards I hoarded from my birthday) and today I'm going to swatch and review v1.0 set and I'll swatch and review the v2.0 set in another post!

OCC Pros Pick Lip Tar Set v1.0

The lip tars in this set are Grandma, Melange, Ophelia, Stalker, and Vintage. Out of the three Pro Picks Lip Tar Sets, I'd say that this v1.0 set has the most "wearable" set of shades with a range from the very pink Ophelia to the darker deceptively intimidating Vintage (which is just a deeper berry red as opposed to be a super dark burgundy)

Where to Purchase: Sephora (affiliate link), 

Price: $49.00 for five full size lip tars and a full sized lip brush.(.33 oz in each lip tar). Valued at $108 as the lip tars are $18 each and the lip brush retails for $18.
Packaging: The lip tars and the lip brush are packaged in a clear bag with a zip closure.
Do they test on animals?: Nope they don't and they never will. The lip tars are also vegan.
Wear Time: I usually get about six to eight hours of wear (depending on the shades, the deeper reds wear better) but be wary of feathering. There's one exception that I cover later on.

Anyway, swatch time! I'm trying to experiment with how I present my swatch photos and a bunch of you said seeing a picture of my face wearing the color would be really helpful so I hope you like the collage presentation.

The swatch photos were taken in natural daylight with no flash and the lip tars applied with the accompanying brush.

 OCC Grandma

Grandma: "Clean, classic coral" This is a beautiful bright and springy orange with a dash of pink. It's a universal color that would fabulous on both lighter and darker skin tone. There's enough pigment in the lip tar so it doesn't look overly milky on the lips and it wears beautifully.

OCC Melange

Melange: "Terracotta neutral" Melange is quite an toned down orange beige, a little milky in composition. This is a color that looks very intimidating in the tube but is actually quite wearable on the lips. I really thought I'd hate this color but I like it, I think it's a very autumnal color (and I'm craving fall weather after the heat right now!!)

OCC Ophelia

Ophelia: "Petal pink flush" Uh yeah, this is a pale bubblegum pink that's not very flattering on my skintone by itself. This would probably work better on paler skin tones or mixed in with another color to tone it down but it is a difficult of a color to apply evenly on the lips as it can show off brushstrokes if you're not careful. Wear time is poor compared to as the rest of the colors because it starts getting patchy on the lips so the "good" wear time is compromised and I personally can't wear this for more than a few minutes because of how uneven it starts looking on the lips. This is a better mixer than a color on its own.

OCC Stalker

Stalker: "Pin-Up blue based red" The most universally flattering shade in the bunch. It's utterly beautiful and wonderously pigmented. I don't own NSFW so I'm not entirely sure of the difference between that and Stalker but if you're looking for a true blue based red, this is it. (Stains terribly FYI). I'm so in love.

OCC Vintage

Vintage: "Deep true burgundy" Vintage is a step up in sophistication from Stalker. It's not a bold red but an alluring deep berry red. When you first put it on your lips it looks quite brown but when evened out, the red in the shade comes out. I'm actually a little surprised at how much I like the color, I thought it'd be a little too dark but it's wonderful if you're steering yourself away from the bright and bold reds.

If you're looking for a set of lip tars with colors that range from the palest pink to a deeper red, this set is for you! You're getting a 55% discount buying the lip tars in a set as opposed to buying them individually. 

Disclaimer: I purchased this set myself. All opinions are my own. The link marked as an affiliate link gives me a commission based off your use of the link when making a purchase. The commission made helps support myself and the blog however feel free to use a nonaffiliate link. 


  1. You have the best lip swatches photos ever! I can see exactly how every lip product will sit on my lips (which is very very important). Thanks for the review!!!!!!

  2. The deep red is beautiful! I really like the OCC lip tars but I don't like the sets that much because they're not going to all be the colors you want. BUT i like getting a big package of them :p So...yeah. Red is gorgeous on you!

  3. I bought this set in May and it came with Pretty Boy instead of Ophelia. I'm glad because I looooooove Pretty Boy and Ophelia would look awful on me.

  4. This set was my first lip tar purchase and I totally love it. You look amazing in all of them and you have the perfect lip shape, omg!

  5. I'm hoping they end up doing more sets or maybe even mini sets. There's only so much lip tar one can go through you know?

  6. Man I kind of wish I got the set with Pretty Boy instead. Pretty Boy does come in the v2.0 set but I think that's because they discontinued Belladonna. Ophelia is so not flattering on me

  7. I love that you're doing full face photos along with the lip swatches! It's super helpful and they look great. And now I think I may need Vintage...

  8. Love them all, I really need to try this brand!

  9. Yayyy you're doing full face photos! I'm so happy - they are much more helpful than just zoomed in lip shots and thanks to you, I now want them all.

  10. I love Melange, Stalker and Vintage on you. I think I need to add Stalker and Vintage to my collection :)

  11. These look so stunning on you!

  12. Beautiful swatches, I love them all!

  13. I *love* these swatch pictures - they are perfect! And both reds are totally stunning on you.

  14. Just discovered your blog thanks to Phyrra and your great instructions for making your own lip pencils. Lucky girl, Stalker and Vintage look fantastic on you. I can't wear bright reds - too much pink in my skin, I think. This set looks terrific. Thank you for the wonderful photos.


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