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Following along the liquid to matte trend, Darling Girl Cosmetics came out with their own rendition with their Pucker Paints. They took a brief hiatus from lip products for a few months but they came back and then some with the Pucker Paints. The Pucker Paints are in the process of being restocked but you can enjoy my swatch and review of one of the shades until they come back.

(It applies lighter than it appears in the tube, which you'll see in my swatch!)

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Where to Purchase: 
Price: originally $8.00 for 3.5 mL of product, the new packaging holds 5 mL now but I'm not sure of the final price.
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.

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NOTE: I have the old packaging for the Pucker Paints which was a slim clear tube with a doe foot applicator. The old packaging is rather lilliputian (maybe 2-2 1/2 inches tall?) but in reality it holds more product than Lime Crime's Velvetines (which have only 2.6 mL). 

Susan is switching to new packaging that's twice the length (and holds 5 mL instead of 3.5) so you get nearly twice the amount of product in a more reasonably sized tube. It looks more like a traditional lip gloss tube.

I didn't have a problem with the old packaging as a whole but I've noticed that the clear square sticker denoting the shade name keeps peeling off the main label. It seems that the main label is too smooth for the clear sticker to stick to and I ended up removing it because it bothered me so much. I'm not sure if it'll be the same with the new packaging though.


The swatch was taken in natural daylight without flash. I applied two coats of Kerfluffle in the swatch photo. 

Darling Girl Kerfluffle Final Swatch 2

Kerfluffle is described as a "sheer magenta". Since the Pucker Paint has a thin consistency, it doesn't provide a ton of coverage to your lips. You can see how it's still a bit sheer after two coats. 


The Pucker Paints are described as a "light weight liquid lipstick that glides on silky smooth and drys down to a matte finish. Unlike a lot of matte lip products these will not leave you running for the lip balm moments after applying."

I only have Kerfluffle so I can't be certain that the formula is the same across all shades. Kerfluffle has more of a liquidy texture that applies evenly on the lips with no dragging. It's not watery, more of a thin lip cream that spreads like a liquid. Kerfluffle dries to a very comfortable finish, it's not tacky or gloopy. It does feel lightweight like the claim; it doesn't overly cling to lips and doesn't feel restrictive like those long wearing lip stains.

After applying, you've got about 30-60 seconds before the Pucker Paint completely dries. Kerfluffle is described as "the sheerest of the Pucker Paints but still quite pigmented". It's mostly opaque, with one layer it's a little translucent/uneven. Since it's got a thin consistency, you'll see your natural lip texture beneath the product. It won't smooth out your lips or provide any coverage. I personally didn't consider it moisturizing but it wasn't drying on my lips. 

Wear Time/Longevity:

There are no claims about its longevity so I did want to note that this isn't transfer proof.  A little color comes if you lightly tap your lips but wiping your lips will transfer the color off. It's not water-resistant either; if you wet your finger and rubbed across your lip, the color will start to come off. However you can get the liquid to matte experience without the hassle of using an oil-based remover to get the color off.

After 5 1/2 hours (without eating and drinking) the color was still on my lips. I was concerned about it fading poorly, but the color actually faded evenly. However, this won't last through a meal at all. Drinking from a water bottle started to break the product down (from the inside out) so if you do decide to wear this, I'd recommend touching up after eating.


These aren't transfer proof or water-resistant like other liquid to mattes but I do appreciate that they aren't uncomfortable to wear. These are unique among other liquid to matte products since they're not difficult to remove (Kerfluffle came off with just water and pressure). These wear fairly decently as long as you're not eating or drinking since any amount of food will start to break it down. Personally I prefer a liquid to matte that is more long-wearing/water-resistant/transfer-resistant so I won't be getting another. However, if you like the liquid to matte look, won't be eating or drinking (or don't mind the touch-up), and don't want to use a heavy oil-based remover then I think you'll like these. 

Have you tried Darling Girl's Pucker Paint?

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  1. I love this color! I've been wanting to try out Darling Girl's products but I'm trying to narrow it down my wishlist before I end up spending hundreds of dollars on her products (:

    Hao |


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