Sugarpill Cosmetics New Release: Nine New Chromalusts & a Limited Edition Chromalust!

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When Sugarpill comes out with a new release, they really go all out! I'm glad that they've been coming out with so much recently, it's been rough waiting in between releases. This new release includes nine new Chromalusts, some of which are colors to replace some recently discontinued colors, and a limited edition Chromalust. The new colors are releasing at 2pm today!

Just a note, the Chromalusts have gone up from $12.00 to $13.00 or $14. All of them except Goldilux and Grand Tiara are $13.00 and Goldilux and Grand Tiara is $14.00 (not sure why).

The new colors are: Charmy, Clickbait, Countess, Grand Tiara, Holy Ghost, Hug Life, Mint Soda, Penelope, and Strangeling. The limited edition color is Pastelle.

new sugarpill chromalusts

Grand Tiara appears to be a replacement for Tiara and Strangling appears to be a replacement to Hysteric. Holy Ghost does appear close to Starling and Clickbait seems like a lighter version of Junebug. The rest of the colors seem like new shades to the line!

Here are some swatches of the new nine Chromalusts!

swatches chromalusts

Do you have any plans to get some of the new colors or the limited edition colors?


  1. I got Pastelle and Countess and I'm so excited!! I bought them immediately when they were available. I think I was too used to MAC items running out within seconds and so I kind of regret ordering so fast because I really want Charmy as well.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  2. I love Sugarpill, I'm excited that they are debuting new products. And with nail polishes coming in February! I wonder if there are any other surprises for 2015.

    I got Pastelle, Charmy, Penelope, Strangeling, and Countess :D. Come to me, my babies!


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