Life's Entropy Cosmos Collection Lip Theory Satins - Swatches and Review

I Purchased This

During Black Friday, Life's Entropy was not only having a sale but also a release of two new products. One of the products was their Cosmos Lip Theory Satin Lipsticks and the other were their Brow Theories. Needless to say, I had to pick up both and I'll be reviewing the lipsticks in this post and hopefully the brow theories in another.

life's entropy cosmos product photo

life's entropy lip theory satin lipstick photos 2 (1 of 1)

I purchased one full size lipstick and four samples. The full size lipstick I got was the shade Plasma (pictured below) and the four samples I got were of Blackbody, Flux, Milky Way, and Supernova (pictured above from the top left going down). 

life's entropy lip theory satin cosmos plasma lipstick photos 2 (1 of 1)

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Where to Purchase: Life's Entropy (the website might be closed for now but should open soon!)
Price: Full Size - $12.00 for a full size lipstick (not sure of amount), Sample - $1.50 for .2 grams of product
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals

Packaging: The full size lipsticks come in a black plastic square lipstick tube. The bottom of the lipstick has a sticker denoting the name and there's a holographic LE sticker on the front of the tube. The sample sizes come in a 15mm pan filled up about halfway. 

I do think the lipstick packaging feels a bit light but it closes securely. However I've noticed that the lipstick doesn't stay centered in the tube as I used it. I noticed that if I didn't correct it, it would edge up and scrape the side of the tube.

I know that these were originally supposed to be a limited run (as in only 30 per color) but when she decided to make this available for everyone, she had to scramble to get more tubes. This probably explains why the tubes aren't as nice so I'm hoping that future collections have better lipstick tubes.


Some of the colors are also their dupe attempts for a few lipsticks; Blackbody is modeled after NARS Train Bleu, Flux is modeled after NARS Charlotte, Milky Way is modeled after MAC Soar lip pencil, and Supernova is modeled after NARS Anna. I personally don't have any of the lipsticks or lip pencils so I can't double-check. 

All swatch photos were taken in natural indirect daylight without flash. Blackbody, Flux, Milky Way, and Supernova were applied from the pan with my finger while Plasma was applied from the tube.


Life's Entropy Blackbody Final

Blackbody: "Deep aubergine" A deep, dark, purple. Compared to the other shades in the collection, this was more difficult to apply opaquely. I think this would actually benefit from a slightly firmer texture, which would allow it to build to opacity more easily. It's a bit too creamy to do that easily, it takes a bit of effort. I know it may look similar to Plasma (especially in the collage picture above), but it's much deeper and darker than Plasma (which is more berry).


Life's Entropy Flux Final

Flux: "Rich burgundy". In the pan, it looks like a deep berry shade but applies lighter and more red on the lips. I think it's a nice twist on the typical holiday red and I think it's very wearable.

Milky Way

Life's Entropy Milky Way

Milky Way: "Pinky brown" Milky Way is a deep pinky brown, very reminiscent of a 90s lip. It actually reminds me of MAC Spice, though I know it's Life's Entropy's take on MAC Soar. It's a very on-trend color. No qualms about application.


Life's Entropy Plasma Final

Plasma: "Deep berry" Plasma is a wonderfully deep purple berry color that can be applied sheerly so it looks like a berry stain or opaquely from the tube. You can use a lip brush to apply it precisely and build it up to an opaque look. 


Life's Entropy Supernova Final

Supernova: "Rosy mauve" An extremely flattering mid tone pink rose. Although it looks darker and more pink in the pan, it applies a bit lighter and a touch much more mauve on my lips. I think your complexion and lip pigmentation will affect how it looks on you. I'm honestly surprised at how much I like this color on me. I really didn't think I would but I'm definitely thinking about getting this in a full size.

Formula/Wear Time:

Like all of Life's Entropy products, these Satin lipsticks are vegan. Now a common issue I see with vegan lipsticks is that they're often harder/firmer than nonvegan lipsticks and usually require a little warming up/TLC before applying and often go on best with a lip brush (since you can warm up a lipstick better that way).

I'm glad to say that this is seriously not the case with this lipstick formula. All the shades are creamy, don't feel stiff or hard, and are easy to apply. Plasma is easy to glide on from the tube and is legitimately opaque in one swipe with no skipping or patchiness. I can foresee that Flux, Milky Way, and Supernova as colors you can get opaque without any issues. Blackbody (as I mentioned above) requires more work to build to opacity but you can get there. 

The formula completely lives up to the hype and is an absolute dream to apply. If you're careful, you won't even need a lip brush. The lipsticks have a satin finish, not too matte or shiny. In my experience, I found these lipsticks to be moisturizing on my lips. I wore it for four hours and noticed my lips felt softer when I removed it, no lip balm needed and no dryness in sight. They also feel pretty lightweight on the lips without any tackiness. Oh and the lipsticks smell like vanilla to me (but not too heavily scented that it makes me nauseated).

Wear time on the lipsticks is pretty good, after 5 1/2 hours the color was still on but it became more matte in finish. After that many hours, it looks more like a stain and I wore it for 6 1/2 hours before removing. I did notice some feathering at the 6 hour mark, however I'm especially prone to feathering. If you're like me, you may want to use a clear lipliner.

The lipstick formula is modeled after the NARS Audacious lipsticks. I don't have the cash to spend $32 on a lipstick so I can't compare the two formulas. However if they are similar, I'm glad to have some sort of facsimile with these lipsticks without the price tag.


NOTE: These specific shades are only available until January 31st, so if you like what you see then don't wait to purchase when the store reopens!

Frankly, I'm a little sad that these are limited edition because no doubt, this is my favorite indie lipstick formula. It's also my favorite vegan lipstick formula because it doesn't fall victim to being hard/difficult to apply like other vegan lipsticks can be. The formula feels luxurious (in spite of the lackluster packaging). I'd snatch up the lipsticks once the shop opens up and let's hope that Jane figures out a way to have these available in some capacity year-round!

I gotta say that one the things I enjoy about Life's Entropy is that they give off and maintain a sense of luxuriousness that is missing from most indie brands. It's the small touches like the boxes for the products, the branding, and the unique formulas and products. I think a lot of people don't give indies a try because the products don't look as fancy or the formulas aren't unique. I do hope that Lip Theory Satins and other products inspires other indies to bump it up and go above and beyond the typical "loose eyeshadow".

In conclusion, buy at least one of the lipsticks and thank me later. I highly recommend Supernova for anyone around my skin tone range. 


  1. Beautiful shades! I love them all. And I love that the samples are $1.50!

  2. All look gorgeous on you! I think Milky Way is my fave.

  3. Beautiful colors. I like Flux the most on you.

  4. These all look fantastic on you!!!

  5. I have Supernova and love it. From your swatches I think I need Plasma and Milky Way too.

  6. Lovely! As you mentioned on IMAM--it's crazy how different the colours look on different skin tones/undertones!! Plasma looks soooo purple on you and wears much more "berry" on me! That's the cool thing about lipstick!! But I guess it might also make people a bit nervous about what a colour might look like on them as compared to someone else. It's a good thing there are so many swatches coming out so that people have lots to compare to! :)

  7. Never tried this brand but I love the shade of Black
    body that is somehting I would wear :)

  8. You rock all of these shades so effortlessly. I love deeper shades for winter!

  9. I think Plasma is awesome, and I'd buy it if it came back in stock! Looks great on you, too, but everything does!

  10. The burgundy one is perfect on you!

  11. BlackBody and Plasma! Sign me up!

  12. Plasma is so right up my alley!

  13. I bought Milky Way and Blackbody and they were so amazing. I was surprised when I read your review because my Blackbody lipstick went on super opaque without any effort. I'm so glad that they're opening up again soon because I kind of want to buy backups.

    Hao |

  14. Flux and Supernova are my favorites on you!!! ANd I think I'd like them as well.

  15. All of these are so lovely! I really like the look of Plasma and Black Body!

  16. Girl... your lips are so gorgeous in these shades... Plasma is so fabulous.


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