New-ish Makeup Launches I Want to Buy and Launches I Might Skip Vol. 1

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Hey everyone!

I feel like everyday we're hearing about more and more beauty products being released/launched by brands and it can get so overwhelming. I wanted to condense it down a bit and talk about a few newish makeup products that I want to get myself and a few makeup launches that I'm eh about. I guess the latter half of this post can serve as like an "anti-haul", though I don't promise that I might not try the products out later.

Keep reading to see which products I think might be worth buying and ones I am thinking about skipping.
New(ish) Makeup Launches I Want to Buy and Launches I Might Skip Vol. 1

Want to Buy:

1. Bite Beauty French Press Lip Gloss
Bite Beauty recently came out with limited edition coffee infused and scented lip glosses. The collection has a lot more brown and beigey tones. They released a lot more warm reds and oranges with their Spice collection and so these more neutral tones are up my alley. I'm especially interested in Salted Caramel.

2. Colourpop Sol + Mar Ultra Blotted Lips
I've mentioned my love of the Ultra Blotted Lips before on the blog and I feel like it's one of the underrated product lines from Colourpop. I'm so glad they decided to expand the range with the Sol + Mar collection and added three colors. I really liked Vitamin Sea and Soda Pop so those are the two that I want to get.

3. Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer
These Lancome lacquers are meant to be comfortable and shiny like a gloss with buildable pigmentation leaving behind a long lasting stain. I did end up trying this in store and I gotta say it feels so good on. I enjoyed the glossy application with the cushy quality like a balm. There are a lot of brighter colors so I'm looking towards the rosy and neutral beige tones.

4. Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel
I've been so into the bushy eyebrow look and have been accumulating more and more brow gels to help me get the look. I've expressed my love of Glossier Boy Brow but I want to try the Kush Fiber Brow Gel to see if the fibers in the formula will help with the fluffing effect. I also appreciate the range of colors in the formula, I think the deepest color will be cool-toned enough for my brows. 

Might Skip:

1. Colourpop No Filter Foundation
I was really interested in this foundation but a few reviews keep mentioning that it doesn't dry down fully and can enhance skin texture. It is fairly budget friendly but keep in mind that the foundation is also smaller than most (.85 oz vs 1 oz) so it ends up being about $14.00 per oz.

2. Everything from Flesh Beauty
If you've been following me on Twitter, you're probably aware of how much I've been groaning about this beauty range. By no means am I disparaging them for their broad foundation range, I'm just rolling my eyes at the product and shade names. ImaginaryFemale on reddit described the brand best as being an amalgamation of "Glossier cool girl, Nars shock value, Fenty diversity, and a vintage Hustler magazine font". There's something too gimmicky for me to want to say that I own one of their Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundations. 

3. It Cosmetics Superstar Flawless Foundation Brush
Everyone has nothing bad to say about It Cosmetics brushes and I don't doubt the quality of this brush. However I'm vaguely annoyed at the star shape because it's just for show and won't have any practical value when you're applying your foundation. Don't mind me, I'm just in the corner being stodgy about traditional brush shapes.

4. New KVD Liners (and the rest of the brand really)
I'm someone who believes in science and though scientific advancements are not perfect, I believe in taking advantage and utilizing what research-based knowledge we do have. I'm not able to support a brand whose owner espouses ignorant anti-science beliefs that put others at risk.

What have you been looking at and thinking of buying? Anything you're not super interested in right now?

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  1. I am with you on KVD. Also, for someone to loudly bemoan the fact that she's being castigated for "private, personal decisions" when SHE is the one who broadcast them on Instagram... For pity's sake, lady. If something is private and personal, don't talk about it on Instagram! Absolutely no one would know that you are anti-vax if you didn't tell them!

  2. I like the list of products that you are contemplating! I love Bite beauty, and am interested in Salted Caramel from the French Press Coffee collection as well!

  3. It's so disappointing that KVD revealed her true feelings but she did it before and now maybe people will really see her for who she is.
    I'd love the IT Star brush, it's just too cute.

  4. Is the Bite Beauty gloss opaque or translucent? You got me interested in the Lancôme Lacquer. I tried the CP No Filter Foundation & I like it. But I think it’s actually better for those w dry skin coz it’s super siliconey & I find it dewy or satin rather than “natural matte”

  5. I must say I agree with both your purchases and skips!

  6. I like how you wrote this out! I like doing videos like this, but the last 2 times I've sat down to write out my 'going on the wishlist yes or no' with new makeup releases, I haven't ended up filming them.

    I'm torn on the KVD thing. I absolutely believe in science and think vaccines are insanely important. One of my BFFs is immuno-compromised, so can't get vaccines, so it's incredibly important for everyone around her to get them. I totally do not agree with people who say that we should not vaccinate kids, yes we should. Yet, I like her products and use them. She hasn't driven me away from the brand yet, but I've definitely been thinking about it.

  7. These are some fabulous picks! Just added a couple to my wishlist too!

  8. I haven't really been looking to buy so much as window shopping lately. I'm between jobs and possibly going back to school I have to save that money. That being said, I'd like to get the new Lorac Pro Palette, the Anastasia Norvina Palette, and the KL Polish Havana Heat collection when and if money allows.

  9. Can enhance texture? I need to stay very far away from the Colourpop foundie then. The Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer is a must-try for me. Oh, and as someone who ended up in the ER with both measles and mumps as a baby thanks to an anti-vaxxer aunt's children, I can't get on board with it at all!

  10. I agree with you here! I really want to try those Lancôme Lacquers and I hate the word Flesh, so I won’t be trying anything from them...

  11. Agree 100% on the KVD issue. And I haven't been impressed with the few products I've tried. Her brow makeup line was a complete fail for me. So much fallout from the powder and the shimmer doesn't add dimension - it adds shimmer! The eyebrow powder brush was also horrible. Like taking a fork to the powder. Also agree 100% on the Lancome l'absolu line. I bought one color to try and had to go back for more. It's an awesome formula.


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