Vacation Haul Post

I had such an amazing time on vacation in England and France. Three weeks is a long time to be away from home so it is so nice to be back in America. I've got a haul of UK and French skincare and cosmetics and shall post pictures from my vacation in a couple of days once I get not so lazy. I had a lot of fun justifying my purchases by constantly thinking about the savings in shipping had I wanted to purchase them in the US. I also tried to buy things that I didn't have access to in the US.

English cosmetics haul first! I'm glad I took pictures when I bought everything because it means I can use it now and not have to worry about taking pictures.

Overall UK Haul. Sleek, Barry M, Gosh and Mememe. I could buy Sleek online but I would never pay the $13 in shipping that they seem to think is acceptable. If Lush UK used to be able to Royal Mail me things for $8 then Sleek can too.

Overview of English Haul

Sleek Original Palette

Sleek Original Palette

Sleek Storm Palette. The 2nd to last brown in the bottom row is more accurate in this picture than in the overall picture.

Sleek Storm Palette

These MUA eye shadows were one pound each or about $1.62 so you know I jumped on buying them!

MUA Eye Shadow in Shade 11

MUA Eye Shadow Shade 11

MUA Eye Shadow in Shade 12. This is a brown/green duochrome shadow that has been very popular recently.

MUA Eye Shadow Shade 12

MUA Eye Shadow in Shade 20

MUA Eye Shadow Shade 20

Barry M Eye Dust in 100 and 38

Barry M Eye Dust 38 and 100

Mememe Colourama Long Lasting Creme Eyeshadow in Molten Brown and Liquid Bronze

Mememe Colourama in Molten Brown and Liquid Bronze

Gosh Grey Brown Eyeshadow. This is a little more silver toned than it appears in the picture.

Gosh Grey Brown

I practiced more restraint with my English cosmetics than with the things I got in France. I started using the Embryolisse moisturizer immediately and since it is packaged in a metal tube it's all crimped up now. I got 2 huge bottles of Bioderma Crealine and a Kiko Makeup Milano lipstick in 78.

I'm hoping that the Bioderma Crealine lives up to the hype.It was on sale though and I can't get it in the US for cheap.

Overall French haul

Has anyone tried Kiko Makeup Milano before? They had a whole range that was only 2.50 Euros and a more expensive range with a large variety of cosmetics. I haven't heard of the brand so I only picked up a nude lipstick.

Kiko Lipstick in 78

I'm so glad I'm back in the US but I do miss French dairy. Oh the milk, sorry to say that American milk tastes like sock in comparison :(

Do you guys have any overseas (whether you're traveling from the US or from another country) favorites that you stock up on?


  1. Dang!  What a nice haul.  I love the palettes and Barry M.

  2. Definitely a very practical haul! Hope everything lives up to its hype (curious to see that MUA eyeshadow in action I must say).

  3. I wish Americans had better access to Sleek and Barry M and hopefully they'll open up stores here soon.

  4. Right now I'm loving the brown shade and have worn it a couple of times, I've only swatched the brown/green duochrome and I haven't tried the charcoal/black at all. I've heard people say it's even better than MAC's Carbon though!

  5. Beauty and the ScientistJune 14, 2011 at 8:33 PM

    Awesome haul :)

  6. Haha yes it's an amazing haul although I'm a little sad at myself for practicing so much restraint


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