Sleek Storm Palette Swatches and Review

I decided to swatch the Sleek Storm Palette and MUA eyeshadows that I got while I was on vacation in England. I'm so sad that I don't have easy access to these eyeshadows because they're utterly amazing. I can get Sleek online, but it's $13.50 to ship to the US which is highway robbery! Still though, these palettes are amazing.

Sleek Storm Palette

Sleek Storm Palette

Swatches of the top row.


First color: This is a coppery bronze that is high shine metallic which I felt was a little less pigmented than the rest of the bunch.

Second color: Although this looks pure white on camera, it's actually more of a gold toned white. This fits really well with the rest of the palette.

Third color: This is a light brown matte nude. It isn't unpigmented at all, it actually just perfectly blends into my skin so you can't really see it.

Fourth color: This is more of a true gold that's super metallic.

Fifth color: This is a pink that had a slightly flakey texture. If you've ever used MAC Rose or Kitschmas pigment then you'll understand what I mean.

Sixth color: This was a semi metallic burgundy/maroon. I liked that this shade was included to offset the pink.

Bottom Row swatches


First color: This is a red toned dark bronze brown.

Second color: This is a grey toned blue.

Third color: This is a shiny metallic forest green.

Fourth color: This is a beautiful metallic purple toned navy blue.

Fifth color: This is a nice, slightly ashy brown.

Sixth color: This is a matte black that seems to be included in all the Sleek palettes.

I loved all of the colors, even the slightly flaky pink and the purple toned blue. With all of the shades, they were pigmented and applied ever so nicely on! I'd say that if you have access to Sleek, then you'll need this palette.


  1. I love the bottom row colours! :D This seems like a really versatile palette :)

  2.  I've only tried the Original palette so far, but love it deeply and Storm looks as convincing and pigmented.

  3. Im doing a blog swap and I hope to also get this palette...your swatches make me so excited. :)

  4. It's so worth it to get, I only wish it was cheaper to get in the US


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