Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Sampler Set: Swatches and Thoughts

I've got quite a fondness for sampler sets, especially the Sephora Favorites sets. They're a cost effective way to try out offerings from some of the popular Sephora brands for essentially the price of a full size item. This Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip set called out to me because it was full of lip products and included products from Bite Beauty, Hourglass, and Tarte which were brands I've had my eye on for ages. I got the set months ago with the use of a gift card I had hoarded.

That being said, I wish I liked this set more, I really do. I had really high hopes but they were dashed when I tried the products on and got a whiff of the scents. The products themselves aren't bad and if you're in the market for work friendly pinks and neutrals with a range of opacity, then it's the perfect set for you. I felt really sensitive to the scents which just made wearing the products an offputting experience.

The set includes six lip products, two of which are full size but the rest are nearly are.

(The group picture isn't color accurate so refer to the individual item pictures instead!)


Price: $25.00. The estimated value of the products inside is said to be more than $79.00. My math calculated the value out to be $96.67.

Where to Purchase: This is limited edition and available at Sephora online and it looks like it might be available in select stores!

Cruelty Free?: Bite Beauty, Fresh, Hourglass, Laura Mercier, and Tarte are cruelty free brands. Sephora Collection used to be until they recently started selling in China which means they are now not.

Product Description: "A set of six perfect pink and nude lip products from glosses, treatments, tints, and shines." I'll be talking about the individual formulas and my thoughts for each lip product.

Click thru to see pictures, lip swatches, and my thoughts on each product!

bite title


Bite Beauty Lip Shine in Vintage: "Sheer mauve" Full size is 3.5 grams/.12 oz for $20.00 and the sampler size is 2.72 grams/0.1 oz so you get nearly a full size gloss valued at $16.67

This is described as a "glossy, translucent lip tint" so sheer mauve is a good color description for it. The gloss touts itself free from synthetics, polybutene, and petroleum byproducts which is interesting because it had a terrible plastic and wine scent to it. It might be a combination of the resveratrol (a polyphenol derived from grapes) or the stevia sweetener that just made it smell awful to me. The gloss doesn't have a taste but it was quite unpleasant for a few minutes after application since I could smell it when it was on my lips. I got about three hours of wear.

fresh title

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment: "Sheer berry rose" Full size is 4.25 grams/.15 oz for $22.50 and the sampler size is 2.2 grams/.08 oz so you get a little over a half size lip balm valued at $12.00

I'm such a fan of the original Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (mainly for the scent since I think the formula is not as moisturizing) that I thought I'd like the Sugar Rose Tinted just as much. It gives off a very light rosy tint but the scent isn't something I like (it's too rose-scented). If you're a fan of the original but want the slight color boost, I think this is perfect for that.

hourglass title

Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lipgloss in Child: "Sheer nude" Full size is 7 grams/.24 oz for $28.00 and the sampler size is 3.5 grams/.12 oz so you get a half size gloss valued at $14.00.

Hourglass is a brand that oozes style and innovation which is reflected in its packaging. The tube is sleek and looks like it's been flattened through some rollers. The applicator suits the packaging as it's a doefoot but cut flat at the lower 3/4s so it was more like a paddle. At first I thought it quite strange but I honestly liked the applicator as it suited the lipgloss formula which needed some spreading/working into the lips. This was a slightly milky nude with a hint of pink so the milkiness makes for some slight pooling into the lip lines but it isn't apparent when you're face to face, it's only when you're looking super close (like in the closeup picture)

Wear time was about three hours. By that time, the color was worn away but I could still feel some of the tack of the gloss left. I was so surprised at how soft and conditioned my lips felt after I had worn it. Of all the lip glosses, it was my favorite.

laura mercier title

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Doll: "Soft pink shimmer" Full size is 3.5 grams/.12 oz for $24.00 and the sampler size is 2.8 grams/0.1 oz so you get nearly a full size gloss valued at $20.00.

It's described as "A high-shine, perfectly pigmented lip gloss with rich, long-lasting colour and brilliant shine that creates the appearance of fuller lips. Any skin tone is virtually enhanced by creating a subtle contrast in texture"

My lips aren't actually fuller, my lips are just posed differently. I was very disappointed in the lip gloss. I couldn't wear it for any extended period of time because the gloss smells quite spice-y, almost like peppercorns and it felt the way it smelled on my lips so it was uncomfortably warm. It's a sheer pink lipgloss with a glass fleck sparkle. I couldn't really wear it for an extended period of time because of the scent.

sephora title

Sephora Collection Glossy Gloss in Precious Pink: "Very sheer pink with iridescent shimmer" This is one of the two full size items included in the set and has 15mL/.50 oz for $10.00.

I am not usually impressed with Sephora's house products (the nano eyeliners being an exception to this) and was no different. It's supposed to have an iridescent sparkle but I didn't see much of it on my lips. I just thought it was a really generic clear gloss.

tarte title

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint in Hope: "Warm rose" This is the other full size item included in set and has 3 grams/0.10 oz for $24.00.

This product is described as "a natural lip tint clinically proven to increase lips' moisture content...glide on smooth for a rich matte finish that will stay all day"

I love the scent of mint so when I read that this was peppermint infused, I had high hopes for the yummy scent. It does smell of peppermint but with a slightly herbal/woodsy tinge. What I do like is that the finish isn't entirely matte, there's a hint of satin to the finish which makes it much more wearable and comfortable on the lips. I disagree though that it will stay all day. I only got a few hours of wear out of it before I had to reapply. Something I did like though was that this doesn't need to be sharpened as it is a twist up.

Final Thoughts:

For sure, you can't argue that this isn't a great value. For $25.00, you get almost four times the cost in product. You get a great sampling from Sephora's brands but since I only really liked one of the products, I couldn't justify keeping the set (I ended up returning it). I did find out though that I really like the Hourglass lipgloss but not the Tarte LipSurgence. I got  money back in the form of a gift card and I'm already planning my Sephora Friends and Family Sale Purchase with it (and if I can manage it right, I won't be paying anything out of pocket!)

Disclaimer: I purchased this set by myself. All of the links in this post are affiliate links that give me a commission based on your use on the link. Feel free to not use them if you're not comfortable!

Life Update: School is finally calming itself down for a week before I have a midterm, essay draft, and a presentation due. Hopefully I can create a cache of posts before I get busy again. I owe a few of you giveaway prizes and I'll get that out for you soon!


  1. Tarte Hope is perfect on you

  2. I am so jealous of the fact you can return stuff if you don't like it in the States... we can't do that with cosmetics here. It's a great value set but it's all a bit neutral, non? If they did two versions that would be even better.

  3. The hourglass gloss looks good on you!

  4. Those all look really good. I'm a bit disappointed they included Sephora Collection Precious Pink and Fresh Sugar Rose. Those were items they gifted as birthday presents to Beauty Insider members. It's great for those who loved those products and shades, but I'd want to try different colours if I purchased a sampler box.

  5. I love this Sugar Rose so much! It moisturize lips so well! While doing my makeup lesson by Lina Cameron I met Salena there, her lips was so dry and crack all the time. I suggest her this one and she is very satisfied about this. This is really good. I am using this for last 3 years and I am so damn loving this! <3


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