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To continue my effort to try more indie brands (for my sake as a consumer and yours as a reader!), I recently purchased a Beauty Blogger Pack from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics* (affiliate link) that included ten samples of my own choosing. While the brand isn't new to me as a reader (I'm fairly confident I heard about them first from Phyrra), they were new to me purchase-wise. I got a few product samplings from their entire line and I'll be covering their lip glazes, lip tints, lipstick, eye primer, and eyeshadow in separate posts (lip glazes in one, lip tints and lipstick in the next, eye primer in another, and the last on the eyeshadows). 

Since they are new to the blog, I thought I would share a bit of backstory on the brand before I get to my review.

Brand History:

Kiss My Sass originally started out as Suds n Sass, selling bath and body products and they eventually evolved into Kiss My Sass selling cosmetics. They offer a wide range of products ranging from your typical eyeshadows to eyeshadow primer, lipstick, lip tint, blushes, and recently cream highlighters and cream blushes.

I do like it when indie companies offer more than just one product line, I feel like seeing a variety in the kinds of products they offer means that they're really interested in innovating their line. The website also has pretty damn good product pictures and swatches, one of the best I've seen from any indie company and as a consumer, I love seeing good and accurate photos.

The majority of their products have a vegan base though the colorants for individual colors may not be vegan. Thankfully, each product listing has an indicator of whether the product is vegan or not. The eye primers are not vegan but will eventually be reformulated to be. 

The website setup is one of the best I've seen from an indie company (maybe the best). The product pictures are dead on and there are pretty damn good lip swatches of their lip products (good swatches always make me weak at the knees). The trouble with indie companies in a sense is the inaccessibility for a consumer to touch and play with the cosmetics so when I see good swatches and product photos like this, I'm much more compelled to try them and also encourage others to do do.


Today, I'm reviewing their Pout Perfector Plus, a sugar-based lip scrub. While winter is over, I still find my lips need TLC and this lip scrub fits the bill. When I bought this lip scrub along with the rest of my Kiss My Sass order, I didn't expect to like it as much as I do. I think there was a bit of a cognitive dissonance where I was thinking "If it's that cheap it can't be that good but if it's good then it shouldn't be that cheap" Well this is cognitive dissonance of the best kind and needless to say, I'm hooked. Mine is flavored with Peppermint which I adore and it brings a slight minty taste to the sugary sweet base. 

Kiss My Sass Pout Perfector Plus Lip Scrub

Granted, I could make my own lip scrub using one of the numerous recipes out there on the internet but as cheap as that process could be, I'm much too lazy to go through the motions of making up a batch whenever I needed it plus this comes in an extremely convenient packaging. This was $3.00 and is customizable with an option of twenty different fragrance and essential oils (I picked Peppermint this time but I'm planning on getting Lemon Pucker next)

Where to purchase: Kiss My Sass*(affiliate link)
Price: $3.00 for 5 grams/ .17 oz of product
Do they test on animals? They do not test on animals. 
Packaging: The lip scrub is packed in a chapstick style lip balm tube with a pink cap.
My Thoughts on the Formula: The lip scrub is the perfect mixture of grainy sugar to lip balm base. The formula is quite firm and the sugar stays fairly suspended in the balm in a so you get the exfoliation you want without much sugar getting on your lips afterwards. I did purchase the "Plus" version which contains more sugar in the mixture than the regular "Pout Perfector". I do think there's the right amount of sugar in this "Plus" formulation, the level of exfoliation and roughness is enough for me but if your lips are a little sensitive or you're not used to lip scrubs, you might be better off trying the original "Pout Perfector" formula.The grains of the sugar are a medium grain, not too chunky that they'd hurt but not too fine that you don't feel them. I feel like the swatch on the website makes it seem like the grains are gigantic but they're really not. It's also an all vegan product.

How to use: Using the lip scrub is easy peasy. Simply rub it on your lips like a typical lip balm and let the sugar do all the exfoliating work. There will be sugar left on your lips that you can lick away or wipe off (I usually just wipe it off). Since mine's in Peppermint, it smells like a lovely chewing gum.

When you first open the tube, it'll look all smooth and rounded at the top because the sugar will have settled a bit beneath the surface of the balm. The first time you use it, you'll find that it's not very scrubby but after wearing through the top layer it'll start becoming scrubbier as the sugar starts doing its work.

Kiss My Sass Pout Perfector Plus Lip Scrub

Here's how scrubby it starts looking after you've used it a few times.

Kiss My Sass Pout Perfector Plus Lip Scrub

Final Thoughts:

You all know I do a ton of lip swatches and springtime is the best season for me to do them (there's the perfect amount of lighting with very little overcast) and that requires super perfect looking lips. This helps exfoliate my lips while providing some moisturization from the balm base. It may not necessarily be a necessity for everyone but honestly, for $3.00 you won't lose anything by trying it out.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself. The link contained in this post is an affiliate link that gives me a commission based off your use of the link to make a purchase. Feel free to use a nonaffiliate link to make your purchase (if you do decide to!). The commissions I make just help support the site.

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