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I purchased this

As part of my Indie Lip Swatch series (more info here), I purchased a few more Fyrinnae lip lustres to swatch. I updated the page and have started compiling Sets of swatches according to color. I'll add these swatches to the sets when Flickr starts behaving! Feel free to give me more suggestions on brands to try out. I purchased Ghost's Kiss, Masala, Meloncholy, Ocelot, Visual Kei and received Dragon's Blood as a free sample.

Where to purchase: 
Price: Lip Lustres: $2.00 for a 1.5 mL trial size, $7.00 for 10mL. I've gotten more than 3-5 applications in the trial sizes FYI.
Do they test on animals? They do not test on animals. All their products are vegan.
Packaging: The trial size lip lustre comes in a lilliputian clear gloss tube tube with a doe foot applicator. The full size lip lustres come in a larger clear gloss tube with silver accents and a doefoot applicator.

I did want to make a point to say that when Fyrinnae says "matte" when describing the colors, that doesn't refer to the actual finish but instead to the lack of sparkle. I neglected to mention this before but the mattes actually have a satin finish. Most are one coaters, the shimmery ones usually look better with two.

I feel like these are almost like a liquid lip balm The mango seed butter and jojoba oil add moisturizing properties and a pleasant mouth feel with that wears down into a plush finish after an hour though the color is still there (for about three to four hours total). I used to be weird about the plush finish after the lip lustres had worn down but I'm actually used to it now, it's kind of like wearing a satin lipstick. These are not lip gloss btw but a nonsticky lipcolour. The lip lustres are described as being a "dry" product because they pack so much color in them but they're not drying. I've found that the shimmery colors have a "drier" (as in thicker) texture compared to nonshimmery colors. The shimmery colors are less prone to feathering than the nonshimmery colors and that's mainly because of the drier texture. These aren't sticky like the description says.

You can stave off feathering with the nonshimmery colors by making sure to apply the thinnest layer possible at the outside edges and more towards the middle but if you're not up to wearing a lipliner or a product that helps prevent bleeding or feathering,  I probably wouldn't recommend getting the nonshimmery/matte colors. 


All the lip lustres were swatched using the doefoot applicator and the number of coats needed are denoted under each swatch. All pictures were taken in natural daylight with no flash.

First here's an arm swatch and then there will be individual lip swatches afterwards.

Dragon's Blood

Fyrinnae Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood: "A deep, rich, cool matte maroon-red, inspired by the campy lipsticks of the 1920s". This was one coat. I know, the name probably doesn't conjure up the most appealing image regarding the color (and I'm sure the name could be seen as humorously incongruous considering the brand's devotion to producing vegan and cruelty free products) but it's beautiful, it truly is. Don't think that the word "blood" means it's synonymous with a yucky brown toned red, this is quite the sophisticated deep berry. This actually was my free sample and one of my favorites of the group.

Ghost's Kiss

Fyrinnae Ghost's Kiss

Ghost's Kiss: "Slightly shimmery 'nude' with hues of copper and pink" This was two coats. Is it weird that the first thing I thought of when I read the name was Casper the movie? I watched that VHS so many times and had a major adolescent crush on the actor that played the human version of Casper. I wouldn't call this slightly shimmery, it is quite shimmery almost veering into metallic. Two coats is a bit much for me for daily wear but one coat is quite lovely.


Fyrinnae Masala

Masala: "Deep tan 'nude'" This was two coats. I'll admit, I was a little disappointed in the color. I was hoping for a straight on beige but there's a pink sheen to this that I didn't expect. For some reason it looks kind of dated to me and I'm not sure it's a flattering color for me.


Fyrinnae Meloncholy

Meloncholy: "A bright coral-melon shade with a slight shimmer" This was two coats. The pink shimmer peeking behind the coral/melon base is so beautiful. The base itself is quite orange but the shimmer helps add the hint of coral.


Fyrinnae Ocelot

Ocelot: "Matte warm dusty-rose pink, very close to the soft pink of an Ocelot kitten's paw pads and noseThis was one coat. The color actually reminds me of Haagen Dazs Strawberry Ice Cream; there's a milky dustyness to the pink that doesn't veer into a pastel pink reminiscent of baby showers. I think this is a difficult color for me to pull off, it's too milky and pale for my skintone I think. It doesn't really sink well into my lips and I find that it does highlight imperfections. I think a lighter application or as a layering color would be better for it.

Visual Kei

Fyrinnae Visual Kei

Visual Kei: "A very bright pink, with a nearly matte finish". This was one coat. This is so bright and saturated, it'll stain your lips just by looking at it. The stain will go away with a good makeup remover though. I was inspired to get Visual Kei after seeing Mandy swatch it (her lip lustre swatch post is worth checking out btw). This was my favorite of the group, despite it staining.

Final Thoughts

The colors are lovely but I will admit that the formula may not be for everyone. While they are moisturizing, the nonshimmery colors are prone to bleeding and feathering (the shimmery colors less so). They do counter this by offering a variety of unconventional colors that you may not get anywhere else (including color changing ones!). For the super conventional colors (like Dragon's Blood), I think you may be able to find a similar color elsewhere (though not necessarily the moisturizing aspect). The wear time is pretty good though (it can last two to four hours total). I would definitely recommend Visual Kei (just beware of the staining!)

Disclaimer: I purchased these lip lustres myself. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own and honest. None of the links in this post are affiliate links.


  1. Visual Kei is gorgeous! It's very helpful to know the texture differences between the creme-finishes & shimmer-finishes, I really prefer the dryer texture but so rarely wear shimmer on my lips.

  2. Yeah I've been gearing towards creme finishes; I feel like super shimmery lip products can sometimes look so metallic that it enhances lip lines in a bad way

  3. Dragon's Blood is a dream :D

  4. Dragon's Blood & Visual Kei are absolutely stunning! There's something about Masala too, can't quite put my finger on it. The nude quality looks very pretty, maybe it's the sheen that's making it odd.. still, I'd likely grab it anyway.

  5. "Dragon's Blood" is probably in reference to the plant/resin family. Natural red pigment can be made from powdering it, and it's a bright but deep crimson, just like this color!

  6. I bought a few sample sizes of these before as well. I am not a fan of the texture. I love their eyeshadows though!


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