Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Lip Glaze Lip Swatches, Review, and Photos

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I recently polled my Twitter and Facebook about how to format my lip swatches and most people said they preferred having my lip swatches in a side-by-side format as opposed to my previous column format. I hope you find the change to be a good one and hopefully it serves as a better way to compare the lip product to my bare lips.

As part of a recent Kiss My Sass Cosmetics order, I picked three lip glazes, two pigmented and one sheer. As the names imply, The sheer lip glazes are less pigmented than the Pigmented lip glazes and are good for layering or a subtle shine. The pigmented lip glazes have more color and can be worn on their own. By the way, Kiss My Sass has some pretty dang accurate lip swatches of the glosses on their website (always a plus from an indie company!!)

The three I chose were Glamorous, Pink Rush, and Summer Lovin.

Kiss My Sass Lip Glaze in Glamorous, Pink Rush, and Summer Lovin

Where to purchase: Kiss My Sass*(affiliate link) 
Price: $2.50 for 1 gram by weight and $8.00 for 10 grams by weight of product
Do they test on animals? They do not test on animals. 
Packaging: The sample comes in a 5 gram jar and the full size comes in a squeeze tube with a doefoot applicator.
My Thoughts on the Formulas: These are all Marshmallow flavored which is a light vanilla scent. The lip glazes have a light but not runny formula. These do have some weight to them so it feels like they cover the lips well. These spread evenly on the lips and I didn't think these were sticky at all. I found them to be moisturizing on my lips as my lips felt softer and smoother after wearing them. Wear time on the colors was quite good, about three-four hours with no eating or drinking.


Kiss My Sass Glamorous

Glamorous: "Clear to sheer white with pink sparkle" In the pot, Glamorous looks like a pearly white-green but when worn, the pink/red sparkle shines through. This would be great for adding a bit of sparkle to a shimmerless lipstick. I did find that the sparkle settled slightly into lip lines.

Pink Rush

Kiss My Sass Pink Rush 3

Pink Rush: "Rosy pink with a strawberry pink shimmer" this was my favorite color of the bunch, it is slightly brighter in person. It's great as a wearable color and the pink shimmer subtle enough that it doesn't overwhelm the color. If you had to get one color, I'd pick this.

Summer Lovin

Kiss My Sass Summer Lovin

Summer Lovin: "Fuchsia with a green shimmer" I think I liked the idea of the color more than the color in person. There's such a strong green shimmer to it that I think is a little too strong for me personally. The base color itself is bright and gorgeous and the fact that it's not a color for me doesn't detract from it. Just be warned that the green shimmer is quite strong.

Final Thoughts

I like these lip glazes because I feel like there's a good variety of colors (both sheer and pigmented) ranging from beiges to brighter colors. I think with indie lip glosses, one can't help but compare them to other brands since it does seem like a lot of them use similar bases. If you're familiar with Darling Girl Cosmetics (DGC) Holo Gloss/Liquid Kiss Luxe, the Lip Glazes in comparison aren't as slippy and feel a little thicker in texture, making them adhere to the lips better in my opinion. Color-wise, none of the lip glazes are holographic in nature like the DGC Holo Glosses but they still do carry colors that are just as unique. Considering that they sell samples of the lip glazes, I'm always inclined to try out more colors!

Have you tried anything from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics? Is anything intriguing?

Disclaimer: I purchased these samples myself as part of a blogger pack. I'm not being compensated for this review and all opinions are my own. The link marked with an asterisk is an affiliate link that gives me a commission based off your use of the link. Feel free to use a nonaffiliate link to make your purchase!


  1. I've heard of this brand before, but I never saw any reviews until this one :)
    I really need to start trying indie brands, I've only tried one so far! Pink Rush is also my favorite shade, great review!

  2. I love the side my side lip swatches!

  3. I'm still reviewing Kiss My Sass but I know for sure I love their Pout Perfector Lip Scrub. Two indie brands I do like for eyeshadows are Fyrinnae and Darling Girl Cosmetics if you wanted any recs!

  4. Thanks! It's taken me a little time to get used to but I think it makes my posts load a little quicker while not sacrificing detail!

  5. Summer Loving looks amazing!

  6. I ordered from Fyrinnae a while ago when I first heard about the whole "Indie makeup" scene. I really like their shadows, I bought a ton of samples! It's so cool how they make small sizes so that you can try it first. I'm such a fan of that option! Thanks for the recs, I'll have to try Darling Girl soon.


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