Claire's Mood Polish Swatches and Review

I got the whole set of Mood Polishes from Laura of Sawan's prize pack so I shall review and swatch them all today.

No luck with finding Zorro yet, but I am still looking for him. It's been over a month and I feel bad having gotten used to him not being with me.

Here is the warm picture, which is how it is normally in room temp. As you can see, the tips are slightly changing colors already from the temperature difference. The pink is a bit brighter, like pink highlighter bright.

Here is the cold picture, it is fairly accurate.

If I had to pick a favorite, it'd definitely be Wild/Calm, which is the pink/purple combo. It had the best formula and wear (This was 2 coats I believe, and I went 4 days without chipping, and oddly enough, worked really well with my Nubar Foundation base coat when my normal polishes didn't work all that well with it). I loved the sparkle and glitteryness.

The really annoying one has to be Happy/Earthy which is the green/green combo. It had such a thin formula and took maybe 4 coats? I wasn't fond of Daring/Innocent which is the yellow/grey because the yellow just made my skin looks weird and sickly. I loved the grey side of it though and wish it stayed that color.

I'm okay about the other colors, I though I'd like the Peaceful/Confident combo which was the teal/blue color more but the change wasn't dramatic enough for me, ditto for the Fabulous/Funky combo which was bright pink/pink.

If you could only have one, I say pick Wild/Calm, and since they're usually BOGO50%, I'd suggest Peaceful/Confident next.


  1. That is very neat concept for polishes. I like the blue color but it didn't look like it really changed in the pictures :o)

  2. Yeah the change is very subtle, but I loooove the pink/purple

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