La Femme Sparkle Dust in Casino Silver

Sigh, no luck with finding Zorro yet, but I have posters up and have been answering every Craigslist ad that I can. I do apologize for being a bit away from posting.

As it is, I'm finding myself more into doing eyeshadow looks but forgetting to photograph them, I still need a bit of practice with regards to working with my eye shape.

I've spent some time exploring drugstores and beauty stores to destress and have really liked my La Femme Sparkle Dust. They are loose eyeshadows which interestingly enough, have been recycled by Napolean Perdis and sold by his company for ridiculous rates (along with his company copying La Femme's packaging)

One of my favorite makeup bloggers has an in depth review about it and you can look it up here :)

I currently have one but have swatched many of them in my local beauty supply store. It is #34 Casino Silver which is a slightly greyed silver with minute rainbow sparkle. It's quite a gorgeous pigmented color and it turns into a tinfoil-esque silver when applied wet.

They're cheap at $3.99 for 4.5 grams. MAC recently downsized their pigments to that size but still sell them for 19.50. You can get them online at and other sites.


Left is dry and right is applied wet.


It is really pigmented and I haven't noticed any sort of fading so I definitely recommend it!

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