My summer isn't as cracked up as it should be

I'm glad that it's summer but this isn't turning out as well as it should have been.

Zorro has been gone for nearly a month now and I hate that I'm so used to him not being home.

I'm ridiculously pissed about my grades because my math grade was posted as a "WU" meaning an unauthorized withdrawal equating that to an F and meaning I stopped showing up. I worked so damn hard in that class to get an A and I managed a B according to my test grades so that silly computer error is messing with me.

I also didn't manage to get into my summer school class based on a computer error that kicked my boyfriend out of the class (as he was holding my spot while I waited for my appointment time)

I've been trying to find a job and have been unsuccessful thus far.

One positive note is this, I was elected (by default really, I was the only one to put my name through) as the Vietnamese Culture Night Director in my Vietnamese Student Association.
The Vietnamese Culture Night is a production that my VSA puts up every year and while I've only been in VSA for a year, I was super inspired to volunteer to put up a production that my boyfriend (who doesn't speak a lick of Vietnamese yet) could understand.

As it is, we have "bonding time" during the summer and I'm not quite used to hanging out with the other VSA-ers on this sort of level.

For those of you on summer break, how is it?

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