French manicure NOTD

Californians, don't forget to vote today in the primary!

One of my favorite places to frequent for cheap cosmetics has been the dollar stores/Big Lots due to the fact that one can find ridiculously awesome and discontinued cosmetics there.

An off topic picture to segue into the rest of my post, but I think we don't hear this enough. This was a stop sign in the entrance to my neighborhood, I don't normally endorse graffiti but it was nice to see this.

This is LA Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer in Red Glitter, White, and Green Glitter. The Red Glitter was a red base with red glitter, the White was simply white and the Green Glitter had green glitter in a clear base as opposed to a colored base. The nail art polish is 1/2 the size of normal polish but I got all 3 for 3 bucks so I can't complain.

Here's a picture of the brush compared to an Essie brush. I did a poor job of cleaning off the nail art brush but you get the idea.

Here's a french manicure I did with the white polish. I looooove the striper brush, I used to think it was a bit fiddly and hard to deal with because of the length but I've gotten used to it. I used one coat of Nubar Foundation base coat, one coat of the white polish and a coat of Savvy French Rose Petal over the white to downgrade the starkness of the white.

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