Name change/Better Intro Post/Revamp

It was sort of bugging me that it was all makeup-y when I've been posting about non makeup things so I'm attempting to revamp things.

I also wanted to give an updated introduction post.

My name is Mai, I'm 19 turning 20 in 2 months (gah I'll be old) and am going into my 3rd year of college, despite still being an undeclared major. Anyone have some tips as to how to choose a major because I'm really at my wit's end about this all.

I don't really do much, my hobbies include dancing (ballet, jazz, lyrical, and most recently, tap), reading fan fiction (Harry Potter is my weakness, I can't deny it) and hanging out with my boyfriend. I've most recently gotten into the habit of doing my nails, most specifically because of this nail polish, Sweet Addiction by Barielle, which ironically enough, I don't actually own.

I own more makeup and nail polish that I really need and I have trouble finding foundation that doesn't sink into my large pores. I'm the Vietnamese Culture Night(a variety show production that includes dancing, a fashion show and a play) director at my school's Vietnamese Student Association and I am wondering why I decided to do it.

I am Vietnamese and Chinese, but I only know how to speak Vietnamese and I've recently learned American Sign Language and fingerspelling. I've been told by my boyfriend's mom that I fingerspell elegantly, haha.

I don't really live an exciting life, it's summer, I'm not taking any summer classes and am looking for a job

The end! I'm just going to do away with the expanding posts business, it was weird when I just had a simple post to do, how do you guys feel about the template change?

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