Day 16: Giveaway Update+Tip

So I've been compiling the entries for my giveaway *Psssst here* and I noticed that a lot of you guys really like Purple because there are currently 12 entries for the Sugar Plum Fairy palette. Well I figured it wasn't fair that only one of you guys would win it when there's a lot of interest in it.

So I went and picked up another Sugar Plum Fairy palette for another winner :)

To recap: there will be 1 winner of the Golden Goddess palette, 1 winner of the Snow Sprite Palette, 1 winner of the Night Elf palette, and 2 winners winning 1 Sugar Plum Fairy palette each for a total of 5 winners!!

Here are the pretties....

These are color accurate photos of all of the palettes :)
Now if you guys have been searching your Walgreens and haven't found it yet, it may just be because the planogram (the instructions for where to put certain items) didn't have space for the cardboard display of the holiday products.

Now below is a picture of where I actually found the second Sugar Plum Palette, shoved in between the ELF Beauty Encyclopedia and the Beauty Wallet thing on the second row.

If your Walgreens has this holiday set-up, they may have just shoved the Wet n Wild palettes in between them!

Also, look on top of the shelves, a lot of collections are on there and just out of eye sight because of the fact that they lack space!


  1. Yay, that was so nice of you! My Walgreens has the display but the only one they ever have is Night Elf. I got it and I really like it. Pleasantly surprised actually. I entered for Snow Sprite but they all look really nice. My Walgreens needs to get on it and restock!

  2. The Harmon I went to last night had all the palettes in a holiday display right inside the door! I bought the Night Elf palette because my sister said it was the most "holidayish" lol. I really like it. :)

    The Sugar Plum palette looks gorgeous <33 I noticed there were a lot of entries for it (including me haha) so it's really awesome of you to do so many winners! :D

  3. @Annamax

    They're such teases with the Wet n Wild palettes. I read from their twitter that they didn't expect them to be so popular!

  4. @Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー

    Yeah I figured that if so many people were interested in it I might as well facilitate more people getting it!


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