More Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Holo Gloss Swatches

Darling Girl was having a flash sale for 15% off and so I used that as an excuse to make an order. I mostly ordered to get a full size order of Jeweled Taupe and Curious and I got another Bloggers set.

Everything laid out. The four eyeshadow samples plus the gloss sample were in my Blogger set, the two jars on the right side were my full size jars, the jar at the bottom was my GWP and the two sample bags were free. Note the cute Darling Girl Halloween sticker. Also, the gloss sample normally comes in a clamshell but Susan just ran out of them so she put mine in a 3 gram jar.


I already swatched Curious and Jeweled Taupe but I thought I would reswatch it anyway. I think the pictures of it turned out better than my other swatches of them. Hopefully you can see the slight pink tinge in Curious.

Fingerswiped over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer and taken in daylight.

From left to right: Curious, Daydream, Gloom

Darling Girl Curious, Daydream, and Gloom

Curious: A neutral taupe with a slight pink shift in some lights. I got a full size after ordering a petit jar so I think you get how much I like it.

Daydream: Unfortunately this is discontinued but it was a pretty grey with some pink tones.

Gloom: Also discontinued unfortunately. I have neutral feelings about this color, I think it's a little muddy but the texture was excellent.

Jeweled Taupe, Luxe, Peacemaker

Darling Girl Jeweled Taupe, Luxe, and Peacemaker

Jeweled Taupe: If you had to get one eyeshadow from Darling Girl, make it this one. Because it's so glitter packed it is slightly gritty and you'll need to use a eyeshadow fixative to make the glitter stay. A bronzeish taupe with pink and purple glitter.

Luxe: Not a pure molten gold but a yellow-gold. It's metallic and has gold microglitter running through it!

Peacemaker: This was a GWP. This reminds me of a darker denim blue.

Polaris, Smoking Gun, Witch and Famous

Darling Girl Polaris, Smoking Gun, and Witch and Famous

Polaris: My camera seems to want to eat up the green sheen in the eyeshadow but the last picture shows it off well! It reminds me of a taupe-brown version of Club.

Smoking Gun: Love love this one. Silver brown taupe with red sparkles and I'm happy happy happy with this one.

Witch & Famous: From what I can tell it's a slightly purple toned brown. I was smart and lost my sample baggie of this after I swatched it so I can't really look at it in person to give a better description.

For reference, my bare lips.


Swatch in daylight


Swatch in direct sunlight to show off the holographic sparkles


Disclaimer: I got Smoking Gun for free but everything else was purchased/a free sample in my order. My opinions are honest and my own.


  1. So Polaris is taupe with green? I wonder how it compares to the taupe in the Dogon duo from NARS!

  2. Just going off of Temptalia's picture of it, I think Polaris is a little more brown. I wish I could have captured the green shift better

  3. wow love the eye shadows they are highly pigmented

  4. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg I totally meant to add a sample of it to my Halloween order and didn't >_< oh well. I think the green shift shows up in your pic!


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