CVS Physicians Formula Deal, How I Got $20 of Makeup for $5 Out of Pocket

I wanted to get this post up as soon I could so some of you guys might be able to take advantage of the deal. If I manage to get the full retail price of the primer back I scored over $20 worth of stuff for only about $5 out of pocket in store. I will say that I had $10 in credit which paid for half of the deal but even then it's still possible to get this for cheap.


First off, Google has this new app called Google Wallet which is exclusive to Sprint, specifically on their Nexus S 4G, a phone I recently got. Google Wallet makes it so your phone acts like a payment device, similar to Paypass which is a little device in your debit/credit card so you could just tap a console to pay. Since I set up my phone with Google Wallet, I got $10 in credit.

Now this week, CVS has this little deal on their site where if you pledge not to be a "Money Trasher" and have a CVS card, you can get $2 in printable Extrabucks. They also have a deal now where if you purchase $10 worth of Physicians Formula products, you get $7 in Extrabucks.

I used the $10 credit from Google Wallet to purchase the Physicians Formula Gel Cream Liners which retailed for $10.99 and paid $1.84 up front and received $7 Extrabucks. I then purchased the Mineral Wear Correcting Primer for $10.99, used the $2 Extrabucks coupon in addition to the $7 Extrabucks I just got and paid $2.69. The primer has the little "Try It Free" sticker on it for the rebate.

I'm not sure if I will get the full retail price of the primer back but either way, paying about $5 for over $20 of product is always nice yeah?

Take advantage of the CVS moneytrashers deal while you can, I believe it expires on the 2nd or 3rd.


  1. Whoa that is some serious saving! :-O

  2. LOL that's great! I wish i lived in the US to take advantage of those deals. You guys always seem to be having sales T___T"

  3. Man I wish we had amazing deals like that over here! Lucky! :D

  4. I suck w/ couponing. :( Great DEALS and for only $5....that's almost unbelievable.


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