theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette Swatches/Review

I know that theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 2 was sold a long time ago but since it's been popping up in TJ Maxx and Marshalls now I thought I might do swatches in case other people were interested in buying it. My next post will have a comparison between The Balm and the Beautiful palette (otherwise known as the Muppets palette but in a soap opera theme) and the Shady Lady Vol. 2.

Anyway, if you're lucky enough to get this palette please do. I was happy to find it at TJ Maxx for $16.99 when it retailed for $39.50 while having a value of $108. I got a 57% savings off the retail price and 84% off the value price ! I'm hoping to find the Balmbini palette to round out my collection. If you're still looking for some more of theBalm, you can definitely try asking one of the sales associates to see when they get weekly stock in and just come right when they do to ensure that you've got first dibs on everything. Here are links to the other theBalm things I've found at TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

This palette has five shadows that also double as a liner and four regular eyeshadows. You can use all nine wet to get more pigmentation but specifically the first five double as liners. You get .067 oz for each shadow which is more than some brands' full size.

The inside of the palette.


Swatches galore! I finger swiped these over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Eye Primer and I swatched row by row, left to right. The pictures were done under an Ottlite.

From left to right:Caught in the Act Courtney, Feisty Felicia, Insane Jane

theBalm Shady Lady Vol 2

Caught in the Act Courtney: A reddish brown with copper shimmer. This one doubles as a liner. I actually didn't like this much for an eyeshadow. I felt that the texture was rather dry and it needed to be built up to get good pigmentation.

Feisty Felicia. A dark purpleish black with pink shimmer. This one doubles as a liner. I had the same problem with Feisty Felicia as I did with Caught in the Act Courtney. The texture was dry and it needed to be built up.

Insane Jane: A frosty/metallic taupe brown. This doubles as a liner. Oh baby do I love me some taupe. You can do no wrong by having this eyeshadow and I hope they decide to release it as a permanent color.

From left to right: Bossy Bobbi, Makeout Mary, Just This Once Jane

theBalm Shady Lady Vol 2

Bobby Bobbi: A frosty denim blue. This doubles as a liner. This color is what I think of when I think of medium wash blue jeans. It's a dusty blue that I think would suit a lot of eye colors.

Makeout Mary: A frosty golden olive. This doubles as a liner. I loved this color. I think olive colors always suit brown and hazel eyes so it was fab to see it in this palette. In my opinion, olives are always a good neutral but better color for people. When I saw this I was reminded of MAC Golden Olive pigment but Golden Olive has a brighter metallic finish to it (I don't have pictures but I can include one if you want me to)

Just This Once Jamie: A shimmery mauve-y pink. I personally didn't like this color because I don't think it'll suit my skin tone well but it had good texture and a nice softness to it.

From left to right:Mischievous Marissa, Tempting Tara, Devilish Danielle

shady lady part 3

shady lady day 3a

Mischievous Marissa: A light frosty/shimmery orange. I liked this color, not too bright of an orange but not too muted into a peach or anything like that.

Tempting Tara: A frosty white. A white that isn't too richly pigmented so it looks stark white on your skin. A color that would like nice in the inner corner (if you're into that sort of thing)

Devlilish Danielle: A frosty slightly peachy beige. I can see this as being a color you use on your lids to pare with a contrasting brighter lower lashline color. Definitely one to use if you want a wash of color so you can be lazy and still have makeup on.

The eyeshadows (excluding Caught in the Act Courtney and Feisty Felicia) have a soft texture but not too squishy soft (like Wet n Wild's eyeshadows can be). They're firm but soft enough to get great pigmentation out of them. Tempting Tara and Devilish Danielle are the best for sheer but not too sheer washes of color on your eyes.

Since five of the shades double as liners, I did swatches of them wet with an angled brush just to show how well or not so well they work as liners.

From left to right; Caught in the Act Courtney, Feisty Felicia, Insane Jane, Bossy Bobbi, Makeout Mary


Caught in the Act Courtney and Feisty Felicia has that semi-matte with sparkles texture that I think works much better wet than dry. Feisty Felicia especially would look great if you wanted a dark liner but not necessarily a matte black one.

Using Insane Jane and Makeout Mary wet just intensify the metallic frost finish and it works so well.

Bossy Bobbi was the only shade I was meh on when it came to being used wet. I think it didn't make it stand out as well as the other shades.

Anyway, have you tried out theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 2 palette?


  1. Great post!! I haven't made it out to my local TJ Maxx yet...but I'm still so amazed that they carry such items at such a fraction of the original price tag! I probably don't need any more eye shadows at the moment...but it's so tempting!

  2. Ahhh TJ Maxx, why can't you be in Canada?!

    I wanted to try this palette and The Balm and The Beautiful but I made a deal and I'm only getting the latter. Was that a mistake??

  3. Definitely not! I love the shadows in the balm and the beautiful palette and it helps that you get the lip/cheek stains and the lipgloss in it too. I'm doing a comparison post tomorrow between this palette and the balm and the beautiful palette and hopefully it'll make you love your the balm and the beautiful palette more!

  4. Get it if only because it's so cheap. You could spend $15 on ONE MAC eyeshadow or spend a little more to get nine.

  5. I love ALL the colours - what a versatile palette!


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