Quick Poll on Commenting Systems

So I've been going back and forth about switching commenting systems from Disqus to IntenseDebate. There have been a bunch of issues with Disqus and I've heard of IntenseDebate being a better system to use overall.

Thus, I've installed a poll in the sidebar under "Pages" so I can get your opinion on whether I should just stick with Disqus or change to IntenseDebate.

Thank you for your input!


  1. I used Disqus first, then switched to IntenseDebate.    I personally like it a lot better!

  2. While I don't know anything about IntenseDebate, I voted for it. For some reason I always have a hard time being able to comment on your blog. The comment box constantly says "Please Wait" and it takes for ever for it to be ready and allow me to comment. If that helps at all, just my opinion!

  3. Unfortunately that's a problem I've noticed. If more people tell me they've got problems with commenting I'll just switch over despite the poll.


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