Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balm in Watermelon Review

I recently won a giveaway from Wet n Wild's twitter and got a bunch of assorted products from their line. I wanted to review this first because it looked the most intriguing and I know it's exclusive to CVS (if your CVS carries Wet n Wild)

I didn't intend to photograph the French side but it does look rather fancy. This has SPF 15 in it which is great for the summer months (and necessary for all year round!)


I've gotta say I don't like this. The scent isn't nice; it smells like grass with a slight overtone of watermelon and the taste isn't great. I can't detect the smell when it's on my lips but it's prominent enough when I'm applying it that it's unpleasant. It's got a thin texture to it and personally I prefer more emollient balms. This is sheer on me, but I've seen that you can get a slight green tint from this if you apply it heavily.

This retails for $2.99 for .26 oz or 7.5 grams.

This isn't a negative thing, just an observation but maybe it's the vacuum in the large cap but there's resistance when I put the cap back on, none when I take the cap off.

Would I repurchase this flavor of balm? No I wouldn't just because of the scent. I don't know if I'd try the others if they've all got the same texture.

Disclaimer: I won this product in a giveaway and my opinions aren't affected by the fact that it was free.


  1. i absolutely love you blog... Just got introduced to it! & I'm really I bumped into it!! =) I just started my own blog.... it is ilovejaelymakeup.blogspot.com.... Hopefully we can interact some time! =)

  2. I actually wanted to try this. Thanks for the review.

  3. very cute~  i had no idea wet n wild make this type of balm.. it kinda reminds me of the new hard candy tinted lip balm.. although it's not quite tinted at all -__-;;

  4. Hmm I didn't think about it before but yeah you're right, they do look like the Hard Candy World Balmination balms. I might have to make a comparison post later on!


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