People and Posts that I'm Loving

I know most people like to do a monthly favorites post but I was inspired by Grey of Le Gothique's "It's Friday, I'm in Love!" series to do a post linking to people and posts that I've enjoying reading or watching recently. I'm not sure if I'll make this a monthly thing but if I can find the inspiration to I shall.

New Favorite Youtuber/Blogger

I'm not really sure how I got linked to her but I've been obsessed with watching Ruth from A Model Recommends. She's a beauty youtuber and if you didn't get it from the name of her channel, she's a model. As in she's been in the modeling business for over ten years as an "international fashion model, writer, and beauty insider"(the snippet stolen from her About Me).

I absolutely love her videos and I like seeing what she recommends from her side of the makeup chair. I've got Lisa Eldridge to recommend products as a makeup artist but I've never seen a model's perspective. I also enjoy her videos because I love her British accent and dialect and so she's great to have playing in the background while I do other stuff. She's got over 200 videos covering a wide range of topics from haircare, skincare and makeup tutorials and they're all informative while still enjoyable to watch. I especially loved her Christmas Gift Guide Videos, she did I think six videos covering a wide range of gift ideas and products and it was refreshing to see someone put in that much effort in their videos.

Posts You Must Read

No? Maybe you should see more swatches because the products look amazing.

I love anything purple and Anna related so it's no surprise that I loved this post of hers.

In case you haven't seen it yet, Aromaleigh is having a last chance sale of some of her limited edition collections.

Lillian from Lillian Funny Face has opened her circus/fair themed acrylic jewelry shop and I know I'm itching for the nautical narwhal necklace.

This post has been linked to a lot lately but it doesn't mean it isn't awesome. How can you not like a rainbow gradient liner?

Also, I loved Phyrra's swatches of the new Shiro Intertubes. Must get when I have money!

Do you have any posts or people you think I should check out?


  1. Oh you sweetie pie! Thanks for featuring my post :3

  2. Thank you for the link to my blog! :) Checking the other ones out!


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