Cinnamon Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

As part of my prize pack from Utopista's giveaway, I got three full size eyeshadow jars and three samples from Cinnamon Cosmetics. I've never tried the company before although I have heard about them a little bit on twitter. They seem to be fairly unknown in the mineral makeup world. Cinnamon Cosmetics sells a variety of products including mineral eye liners, lip balms, lip scrubs, finishing powders, and a mineral eyeshadow pressing kit. Most of the eyeshadow colors I got were satins with a bit of sparkle and those were great. There were a couple I didn't like but the ones I liked, I really liked.

Some of the colors aren't listed on the site because the owner needs to some of the ingredients in so she removed some of the listings. I believe they'll be back in the next couple of weeks so I can update my links then.



The full size jars come with an shrink wrap seal, no sifter, and an ingredient label on the bottom but no amount specified turns out my labels are older, the new labels have an amount specified on them!. The sample size has 1/4tsp of product and is now in clamshells, not in sample baggies. You have two options with the full size eyeshadows; you can get the full size with the jar for $4.50 and if you like it you can get a refill of the eyeshadow in a baggie for $3.00. The full size has between 1.4-2 grams of product and the refill has around the same net weight, sometimes a bit more. There's also a third size option with the mini jar for $2.00 but I'm unsure how much is inside.


From left to right: Hearth, Jadis, Jazz, Ranger, Royal, and Tank


Hearth, Jadis, and Jazz


Hearth: It's a darker teal blue satin with blue/green sparkles. I think the listing picture is a little misleading since I didn't get that intense shimmer sheen when I wore this on my eyes. It stayed satin with the blue/green sparkles.

Jadis: It's an icy blue shimmer that worked best as a wash of color on my lid. Sheer, not too pigmented. This is a color that has been discontinued.

Jazz: The listing picture and my swatch of it are spot on. It reminds me of a less orange terracota color with gold sparkles. This had amazing pigmentation and adhesion on the lid. I was rather surprised because it didn't look like much in the jar but really had a lot of oomph on the lid.

Ranger, Royal, and Tank. The finish of Tank is more accurate in the first picture but I wanted to show off the sparkles.


Ranger: It's a dark green with a green sheen to it. I didn't like this at all, I thought the pigmentation was lacking on the lid and it was too sheer for my liking.

Royal: Love this, Cinnamon Cosmetics knows how to make this satin because it had excellent adhesion and pigmentation like Jazz. This is unfortunately also discontinued.

Tank: Oh man I thought this was going to be great on my eyes because of how well it swatched but no, it required a lot of packing on and didn't really adhere well to my lids.

I like Jazz and Royal a lot and was disappointed in Ranger and Tank. If you're going to get anything from Cinnamon Cosmetics, get Jazz and Royal.

As much as I like what I won, there is something that bugs me. I don't like that the net weight/amount information is not given on the jars (there are new labels with the net amount on the jars) on the site. I think that's basic information that I as a consumer need to know and it isn't on the site (not under the F.A.Q) or on the individual listings. I tweeted the owner and she did respond back quickly which I liked. However, I feel like that's not something I should have to search for, it should be clearly listed.

Anyway, have you tried Cinnamon Cosmetics yet?


  1. Hey Mai. Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you liked Jazz and Royal so much. I'll admit, the lack of the net weight on the labels is totally my goof up. That batch of labels was missing that information. The new labels do have the net weight of the product on them. 


  2. Thank you for the comment about the new labels! I'll edit the post to reflect the new info :)


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