My Leopard Halloween Makeup

I wanted to get this post up today so last night I redid the makeup I wore to my friend's Halloween party. Unfortunately the flash washed out a lot of the contouring but you get the general idea of what I was going for!

By the way, it's a bit tricky to clean out black eyeliner from your nostrils, trust me on that. I tried to go off of Petrilude's tutorial on this but of course, his version was so much better.


What are you guys going to be/do for Halloween? I'll probably buy some candy and hand it out to the kidlings or turn off all the lights and close the windows and pretend I'm not home.


  1. This is awesome Mai! I love the countouring and shading. I had good intentions to do some Hallowe'en looks but never got around to doing them.

  2. haha cuuuute~ <3 leopardddddddd~~ ^^ I'm having a late halloween celebration this weekend (after 2 of my exams) so hopefully i'll have a photo & show you on my next post.. or something :D

  3. This is awesome! You definitely pull off the cat look well.


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