Sneak Peek and Swatches of New Sugarpill Colors and Products!

I posted yesterday about my events The Beauty Social event and I wanted show Sugarpill and some of their upcoming products off today. I asked Yume Ninja (she was working at the booth and was super patient in answering my questions) about the eyeshadow primer because I've been wondering about it and she told me that it's sort of on the back burner of things so we probably won't be seeing it anytime soon. *Apparently it will be out soon, they're just changing the packaging last minute*

There are also new eyelashes coming out (22 different kinds apparently!) and while I didn't take any picture of the new eyelashes, Siryn did a great post with four of the new ones.

The new products out were five pressed eyeshadows and three sets of loose eyeshadow trios. In the top left corner of the picture, you can see the new loose shadow trio sets. I asked about when the loose shadow trios and pressed eyeshadows would be coming out and Yume said in the coming months, so probably around Christmas time. According to Siryn's sources, they were available last Christmas in the Netherlands and this time they'll be coming to us in the US!


Here are the different names of the sets along with the colors included in each. They're all existing colors, nothing new.


I looked at the display and as far as I could tell, there weren't any new loose eyeshadows. I wish I took a picture of the display though because it super tricked out.

Here are the five new pressed eyeshadows coming out.


I swatched the colors over bare skin, no primer. I went in order of bottom left, middle left, top right, middle right, and bottom right.


The far left red eyeshadow is like Love+ but with tons of silver glitter. The 2nd from the left color was an icy shimmery blue. The middle shade was a pale pink/lilac with a violet duochrome. The 2nd from the right shade was like Dollipop but with glitter. The far right shade was kind of lighter turquoise aqua shade.

The red with silver glitter had excellent pigmentation, it was crazy. Even though I already own Love+, it is a good option for those who may not own a red eyeshadow already and want a matte with glitter.

I also liked the middle shade, that violet duochrome flash looked so so pretty.

Are you looking forward to the up and coming Sugarpill shades?


  1. Eeeeee! I'm so excited. The red is gorgeous. I'm so glad you swatched these Mai!

  2. I will own them all :)
    Happy to see swatches!

  3. The second from the left looks like Lumi...I love the red one though ;)

  4. @anonymous

    Lumi is more of a shimmery white with blue sparkles whereas the new color is a shimmery icy blue. I wish I did comparison swatches now!

  5. Oh my gosh, those colors are crazy!
    So pretty. Now I want some of those!

  6. How exciting! Love that middle shade in your swatches! Thanks for the news!

  7. I saw that they had the trios at the Beautylish event, I'm so excited!!

  8. Wonder what the pricing is gonna be on the loose trios... HMM!

  9. Does anyone know when these are coming out? It's killing me lol. I'm on her site everyday hoping!

  10. @Anonymous I believe these might be coming out at the end of the year? She's doing last minute changes to the eye primer packaging so it'll be coming out sooner than we thought! Sorry I wasn't able to get more definitive information for you!

  11. Awesome! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  12. I hope it comes out before the end of the year. That'd be so exciting!


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