Darling Girl Glitter Glue vs Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy Comparison

I know that Glitter Glue and Pixie Epoxy have been compared to each other a lot and I thought I'd have a go at trying to find differences between the two. After lots of testing I will say that I honestly like them both. There are positives and negatives with both products but honestly, if I'm going to shop at Fyrinnae I'll pick up a Pixie Epoxy and if I'm low on Glitter Glue while shopping at Darling Girl, I'll pick up some of that.

I've outlined some of the differences between the two.


Product Packaging, Price, and Size Options

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy has two different size options, a sample size jar that holds around 1.5 mL for $1.50 and a full size tube with a doefoot applicator holding 9 mL for $7.00. I should note that on the site they say the sample jars lasts for at least 10-15 full size uses. That's a very very conservative number because I recall using Pixie Epoxy for several months with a couple of uses a week. I don't own the full size so I can't comment on the full size container.

Darling Girl Glitter Glue comes in a full size squeeze tube with a squishy rubber or silicone tip holding 10 mL for $6.75. There's no sample size option. There's something I've noticed about the containers though. I used to try to have the hilt (I'm not sure of another way to describe it) of the rubbery/silicone tip pushed all the way into the container but I found I'd have problems with built up pressure and having it not dispense any product. The solution is to have the hilt of the tip not twisted fully into container but with a little bit of room between to prevent pressure build up.

Here's a picture to better explain what I mean, note the space in between?


You get a little more in Glitter Glue and it's cheaper but you don't have the option of getting a sample (which I know may be important to some people, I know I'm a sample fanatic when it comes to Indies).

Product Consistency

Pixie Epoxy is a clear slightly foggy but translucent gel that applies clear and has a tacky slightly sticky texture.

Glitter Glue is white in the tube but applies clear and has a thin lotion texture.

Product Usage

Both products have the same instructions, apply a tiny bit on your eyes and wait until it dries slightly tacky and then put eyeshadow on. I noticed that because of the consistency differences I had to wait a bit longer for Pixie Epoxy to dry down whereas because Glitter Glue has a thinner, less sticky texture, it dried down a little faster.


It's important to say that for ease of purchase, it's Darling Girl over Fyrinnae. Fyrinnae is a really popular site and because of the major influx of orders, the owner occasionally closes the shopping cart to catch up. Darling Girl very rarely closes down the shopping cart and they will give a warning when they're about to. I will say that my Darling Girl orders have always stuck to the Turn Around Time, whereas I've had instances where Fyrinnae orders get to me faster than their stated Turn Around Time. That might be something to take into consideration.

How does it fare with shimmery shadows?

They work exactly the same. I found no discernible differences in application. I've done a couple of swatches with Darling Girl and Fyrinnae shades to compare. I don't own any really glittery shades from Fyrinnae so I just tried to find a super sparkly one.

In all the swatch pictures, Glitter Glue was used under the left swatch, Pixie Epoxy was used under the right swatch. Any color differences in the eyeshadows is only because of the light source, there were no discernable differences in real life.

This is Darling Girl's Smoking Gun eyeshadow.


This is Darling Girl's Jeweled Taupe eyeshadow. This has red,pink, and purple glitter in it and it adhered well with both fixatives.


This is Fyrinnae's Medieval Haunting.


How does it fare with mattes?

In my experience, Darling Girl wins out but Fyrinnae is upfront about not working well with mattes. After all, Pixie Epoxy was meant to be a product to help minimize fallout and help with glitter adhesion with shimmery eyeshadows. Glitter Glue is meant to be used the same way. I don't think that it's a negative that Pixie Epoxy doesn't work over matte since it doesn't claim to.

How does it fare with glitter?

This is Coastal Scents' Purple Punch Glitter, size .004.


Can you blend eyeshadows over it?
I personally don't have issues blending eyeshadows over Pixie Epoxy and Glitter Glue but I have heard of people having an easier time blending with Glitter Glue.


Personally, I've never had that much trouble with Pixie Epoxy, it had a slight learning curve that wasn't hard to master. Darling Girl was the same way. Because Glitter Glue takes less time to dry down I think it'll be easier for most people to use. At the end of it, I like both. If you want to use matte eyeshadows with a fixative, you're better off with Glitter Glue.

If you're having trouble and feel like it's a little too wet then wait a few seconds and add more eyeshadow. I love the foiled without the water look that both of them give.

Do you guys own both? Do you notice a difference?


  1. Excellent comparison and you covered all the points! Thanks!

  2. Great comparison! I completely agree with all of your opinions! They are very similar products with only slight differences. And I understand what you identified about the "aplicator" on the Glitter Glue. I sometimes have to turn the tip slighty to get the product to dispense. As far as ease of goes, I do think the Glitter Glue is slightly easier.

  3. Awesome post Mai! Just an fyi as soon as I run out of these tubes I am switching to tubes that have different tips. These suckers gives me blisters every time I fill them.

  4. This is so helpful, thank you! I have just ordered a tube of Pixie Epoxy, and now I'll definitely have to pick up a tube of Glitter Glue as well. I'm in love with everything I've tried by Darling Girl so far, so I'm guessing I'll like this too, especially after reading this excellent comparison!

  5. This review is stellar!!! Thanks! :)

    A comparison I'd like to see too, if you get a chance, just because I've never used PE, would be blending... I've found GG really helpful to blend colours seamlessly into each other, and I wonder how it compares to PE...

  6. I've never heard of these before. I've been using Too Faced Glitter Glue. Thanks for the post!

  7. @ErinScandalous

    I think these two brands are a much cheaper alternative to Too Faced Glitter Glue. Also, getting both the Darling Girl Glitter Glue and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy works out to be cheaper than getting one Too Faced Glitter Glue!


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