Essence Collection Swatches and Review

I won a contest from Essence Cosmetics' twitter and was sent this amazing prize pack from them. I was so so surprised at how generous they were and I was glad to see the Holografics collection because I wanted to try some of their products but wasn't sure about availability. The team at Essence was really sweet and put a nice letter in the package too.

The collection should be named though because these are duochromes, not holographics. Holographics make me think of a rainbow sparkle and I don't see much of a holographic sparkle.

The collection which was released in May/June had five nail polishes, two liquid eyeliners, three cream to powder eyeshadows, three lipglosses, a body oil and a bracelet. I received a prize of two of the polishes, one of the eyeliners, two of the cream to powder eyeshadows and two lip glosses. I haven't got swatches of the nail polishes because my nails are so short but The Swatchaholic has excellent swatches of them here.

Everything all laid out.


Cream to Powder Eyeshadows first. You get .17 oz/5 grams of product.

Jar picture of 01 Gagalectric. It's a blue teal with a purple flash in the jar and green glitter.


Jar picture of 02 Lil@c. It's a pale pinkish lilac with a blue flash.


Open jars


Swatches of the cream to powder eyeshadows. 01 Gagalectric on the left, Lil@c on the right. The colors look nice in the jar but apply so sheerly and you can't build up the color. I know it doesn't seem like it but I actually did get that purple flash on my eyes with Gagalectric, the way it appeared in the jar.


Lipglosses next. I got two glosses, 01 Lil@c and 03 Prismatic White. You get 4mL or .13 oz. These have a slightly fruity smell to them, I think maybe a grapefruit. Prismatic White is the top gloss, Lil@c is the bottom gloss. They come with a doefoot applicator. The gloss on me lasted over two hours. The pictures were taken in direct sunlight.



01 Lil@c. Lil@c is a light lavender gloss with green sparkle. I actually thought I was going to like Prismatic White better because of the base color but the lavender gloss is relatively sheer and the sparkle looks rather nice. It looks rather holographic in the picture above but it isn't in real life.


03 Prismatic White. Prismatic White is the closest thing to a holographic gloss as it's a light baby pink with with red and green sparkle. Hopefully you can see the red and green sparkle on my upper lip. I wasn't too fond of wearing this one alone, the green sparkle/sheen is really prominent with the baby pink base which made my lips look a little too icy.


Liquid Eyeliner in 04 Prismatic White


Swatch of it. It's rather sheer on and so I wanted to show the duochrome effect over a black liner. The blue sheen has so much depth over the black liner. Unfortunately sometimes I have a bad reaction to liquid liners. Some liners tingle and have a burning feeling when I wear it. For the life of me I couldn't wear Estee Lauder's black liner but I do well with Wet n Wild's. This liner falls in the category of burning and tingling for me, even over a black liner so it's not something I personally can wear.


I'm not sure if you'll still be able to buy them now, especially since I'm unsure about whether they were released in the US. In Europe at least, the nail polishes retailed for €1.99, the cream to powder eyeshadows retailed for €2.29, the eyeliners retailed for €2.79, the body oil for €4.49 and the lipglosses for €2.39.

Of the collection, I liked the lipgloss the most. The liquid eyeliner was unusable for me, and I was a little underwhelmed by the cream to powder eyeshadows. I was hoping for more pigmentation out of them. I can't comment on the nail polishes because I've yet to use them but they look so nice in the bottles don't they?


  1. Congrats on winning the contest. BTW speaking of Essence I was recently able to get the gel liners. They are so creamy I think using them as a base is probably better than as a liner. I have yet to fully try them out.

  2. Yeah I love love the colors but they're so creamy that it can be hard to get an opaque line. I wonder if leaving them uncapped will make them a little stiffer.


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